1. SmartMAC

    FOR SALE: Maxi Cosi RodiFix Air Protect Isofix High Back Booster Seat in Red

    Just advertising it in here because this seat fits in the C/E class coupe rear seats beautifully and most don't. £65 ono. Collection from Bolton. Can deliver around Manchester area this week (Half Term) for £10. Advert on gumtree...
  2. st13phil

    Lorries face London ban 'to protect cyclists'

    Latest proposal from Citizen Khan. I'm sorry, but I fail to see why it's lorries that are the problem when lemming-like idiots on pedal cycles insist on putting themselves in a position alongside a truck where they get squashed :dk:
  3. J

    Rust C Class wheel arches? Including Colour Pics! Best way to protect your motor?

    My 2005 C class is very rusty underneath, not as good as my 2002 VW Golf which is amazing. And today I noticed the wheel arches are starting to bubble! What do the Pros do to protect their ride? :D
  4. developer

    Obsidian Black - how to shine and protect?

    Hello guys - here's the project: The paint is only three years old, but I saw Lefry's super Obsidian Black CLK yesterday and his paint is great - much deeper and smoother than mine. He's recommending a series of Poorboys products after a clay op. Is there a way of treating the usual stone...
  5. The Boss

    Q: How do you protect your brand new Benz when parking??

    A: With padded car diapers! ofcourse :dk: Apparently auto armor has evolved beyond the sports (car) bras of yesteryear, but added protection still comes with a price – the price of uglifying your ride with car diapers. Watch out for the “Bump Shox” box up front though – that thing looks...
  6. Godot

    Protect The Internet

    PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet on Vimeo :crazy:
  7. P

    In Libya, Nato killing children to protect children

    I thought it was meant to be a humanitarian mission :dk:. Now 'NATO' is targetting Gadaffi himself and in the process kills one of his sons and grandchildren. I have no sympathy for Gadaffi but surely NATO is no different from a group of deranged terrorists who bomb a crowded train in rush hour...
  8. Bryan Allman

    Customer Protect Warranty

    A word of warning to those who have warranties with either Customer Protect or Auto Protect based in Cambridge. On Sunday whilst driving four up to an airshow the car kicked the front end off track slightly - as if the brakes had suddenly applied on one side. At the same time I had fault...
  9. Londonscottish

    Any experiences of Auto Protect warranties

    Hi, My car came with a dealer-supplied warranty from Auto Protect. For what it's worth it's the "MBI Premier Plus", underwritten by Red Sands insurance. I've no idea if it's a good.bad/indifferent warranty and I haven't got the handbook that should go with it (I'll order one next week)...
  10. stevieb15

    protect your driving licence

    I've received this in my spam folder this morning. Although I am lucky enough to have a clean licence the offer and the relatively low cost makes purchasing look like a no brainer...but on the basis that "if it looks to good to be true it ususally is" I thought it worth seeking your advice and...
  11. grufflybear

    Useful accessory to protect paintwork

    Just thought I would share this useful accessory - found it advertised in Telegraph motoring supplement - my car is only 2 years old and rear bumper at tailgate was already looking a bit scruffy from dog claws etc - MB offer nothing to protect the paint from such scuffing so this usefully...
  12. mercmanuk

    external hdd password protect??

    is it possible to password protect an external hdd so if stolen the information cant be accessed.if yes how is it done cheers all
  13. D

    How to protect your PC

    Get your freewares here
  14. Satch

    Gritters stand by to protect melting roads

    (Filed: 18/07/2006) Road gritters most commonly used to combat icy weather were preparing in some areas to spread crushed rock dust and create "non-stick" road surfaces. Newly-laid tarmac is particularly prone to melting in the heat and gritters can help protect both roads and vehicles, said...
  15. R

    How To Protect You Car From Road Rage!

    Firstly the formalities..... "HOW TO" Disclaimer. Please Read. Use Of This Section Assumes Acceptance! You understand And Agree That Your Use Of This Section And Content Is Made Available And Provided To You At Your Own Risk. It Is Provided To You "as Is" And We Expressly Disclaim All...
  16. Koolvin

    Protect the Gallery area to registered members?

    Should we protect the Gallery area to registered members?
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