1. C

    Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection - - Insurance from MB

    When I picked up my c43 from MB they said they have thrown in Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection policy. Has anyone else had this? I am able to have 6 repairs done to my alloys and 4 new tyres (does not cover wear and tear). I need 4 new tires but its only covered if my tyres pop or they are...
  2. E

    Help, Anti theft protection on Audio 20

    Hi Just purchased a new ntg4.5 audio, plugged this in was workng for 5 mins or so and now it has come up with anti theft protection activated.
  3. PenelopePitstop

    New car paint protection in Milton Keynes area.

    My friend is collecting new car and asked me to find him recommended detailer who could do ceramic paint protection. I searched the forum and couldn't see anything in that area. Maybe someone in NW London as we have office there and he could drop the car off while going to work. Do you know...
  4. Rowanlaw

    Bumper Protection

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any rear bumper protection for an E-Class estate? (S213) I had a carbon-look plastic strip on my previous Q5 which looked pretty neat but I can't remember where I sourced it. (Could have been a German company) Any help appreciated and apologies if the topic has been...
  5. PenelopePitstop

    Should I avoid dealer Diamondbrite free paint protection?

    I ordered new car and noticed that Bodycare Premium was thrown in for free. I checked dealer website (Jardins) and it's Diamondbrite by Jewelultra. When I bought last used car, dealer thrown in Supagard or whatever Mercedes is offering as standard and I doubt it was ever applied because car...
  6. John N

    Gtechniq Protection

    Just had my W205 done with Gtechniq Protection Crystal Serum Black with EXO. Paintwork coated with Crystal Serum Black then topped with EXO Gtechniq Protection Glass G6 then coated with Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass. Gtechniq Protection Wheels Gtechniq W6 Iron and General...
  7. W

    Ultimate theft protection - Autowatch Ghost

    Has anyone had an Autowatch Ghost CAN immobiliser fitted. How much are they and are they a bit of a faff in day to day life ? They say it defeats all 'code grabbers' but you can use an iPhone to open the car so not sure just how secure they really are. Any thoughts appreciated as I am...
  8. J

    B Class rubber mats with footrest protection?

    Anyone know of any rubber mats for my 2016 B200D auto that include a bit that covers the carpeted driver's left footrest? Many of the stock pics of mats show a small extension for the footrest, but it seems that the MB official mats don't have one. So far I haven't found any aftermarket ones...
  9. Uky

    What kind of chemistry is used for corrosion protection?

    As far as I know, there are two kinds of corrosion protection out there: Bitumen based and Wax based. And mixing them is a big NO. But what kind does Mercedes use in vehicles today? On cars sold in some countries, there is some extra protection. Code is "1U4 Vehicle waxing with additional...
  10. P

    Protection against overheating

    Hey guys, My M103 runs a bit warm and as many of you know, overheating it is expensive. I've put together an overheating alarm and aux fan controller. It uses the stock temp sensor. It's fully adjustable through the temp display in the dash. It power the aux fan so it comes on much...
  11. markjay

    Paint Protection

    Now that I have managed to sort our the 'supermarket dings' on my W204...: ...I am thinking of some sort of paint protection that can be applied to the Magnetite Black paintwork...
  12. liamt

    NCB Protection Yes or No?

    Hi Guys, Well it is nearly that time of year again for me with my Car Insurance up for renewal in March. I have a Multi Car policy with Admiral for the A Class and my Brothers Peugeot 208 GTI 30th Anniversary. The renewal quote was a little high therefore I decided to get another quote from...
  13. S

    Command Error...anti theft protection activated

    Hi, I am having this issue with Command, can anyone help me?
  14. V

    Battery Protection warning - 2005 CLS

    I have had the car now for about 2 weeks and everything is fine. The car has seen plenty of use, but yesterday morning i received a warning for battery protection (convenience functions temporarily unavailable). After 10 minutes the warning disappeared but was back again this morning. I...
  15. B

    E220 Anti Theft Protection Activated

    Hi Folks, Bought a 2011 Merc e220 estate off a local independent dealer, told me stereo was inoperable, I was not that annoyed and saw as a trivial matter and i got a nice deal, When i turn on the car and the radio comes on as normal and is perfect for 10 seconds and then the message "...
  16. T

    Paint Protection Film

    I was considering having Llumar paint protection film applied to the front of my car to help avoid so many stone chips etc. Has anyone had this done? Any thoughts on it? Main problem I guess is you can't use a pressure washer or such like as it would lift the film but for £1000 for just the...
  17. JLR1969

    New car protection detail

    Am thinking of getting this done as feeling a bit frivolous, have detailed cars myself with D A polisher etc etc but not sure I can be bothered. Anyone have any experience? Anyone used a Detailer in the Chelmsford area Cheers
  18. A

    W211 Battery protection convenience features disabled

    I am trying to find out the cause of the above warning. The car starts and drives normal. If I drive really gently the warning doesn't come up. As soon as I put my foot down the warning comes up. I start work really early so I start it up put the lights on etc and it's fine. I would have thought...
  19. Piff

    Alloy wheel protection?

    Our recently purchased car came with alloys in perfect condition - so perfect that they must have been refurbished. I've been trying to keep them clean but over the last few weeks have noticed that the brake dust is starting to bond to the alloy inside the rim where it is difficult to get to...
  20. I

    Should I purchase extended warranty protection for CL600 (and a couple of other q's)?

    Hi all, I have a 2007 CL600 which I bought last July. I bought with c35k miles on it and it now has 40k miles. I bought from a MB dealer so got the usual UsedApproved 12 month warranty. Since that time, I have got a major service (spark plugs changed etc). In my time of ownership it has been...
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