1. gr1nch

    Protective outdoor car covers - advice and recommendations

    I'm looking for a protective cover for my Mercedes (W222). Any makes or models that you can recommend? It has to not scratch the car, be deployable by one person protect from rain, bird droppings, tree sap etc and be easy to clean, eg by hosing off. I'm looking for it to last until we can get...
  2. M

    'Protective strips' for my 'Mountain grey' A class

    Getting excited as my A class delivery is just 1.5 month away...!! After a recent car park knock keen to get some sort of 'protective strips' for my 'Mountain grey' A class, especially while parking narrow super market car parks. Any one used or can suggest quality item which could last...
  3. C

    protective covers for car seats

    Hi, Just woundering if anyone bought any seat covers for their car recently and what sort did you buy. Reason I'm asking is, I have to put a car seat at the back of the car, I'm slightly worried that if I don't protect the leather seats in my car at the back, the car seat will leave marks...
  4. clk208

    Applying protective film to CLS wheelarch - any tips?

    Hi folks, My CLS being prefacelift had the 4 pieces of clear plastic film on it as standard (2 on rear wheel arches, 2 on rear doors) to protect against stonechips. At some point in the car's history one of these (nearside wheel arch piece) was removed and it has picked up a couple of...
  5. B

    E Class protective plate on front wheel

    He plates have come loose on the front wheels behind the brake system. I presume that I can add a washer each side of the plate to secure it again. Does anybody know what size washers I will need?
  6. bpsorrel

    Protective film..

    Does anyone know where to get hold of the protective film that goes over the paint on the lower corner of the rear door and rear wheel arch on the CLS? Mine has started to peel off on the N/S wheel arch.. :( (could peel it all off I guess....)
  7. salfordmerc

    protective rubber for door ????

    Following on from my last post really, but I do tend to get little knocks on the edge of the doors as people open them to get out and am forever saying 'watch the door' the slightest knock seems to give a chip.........anyway is there anything on the market that will protect,im thinking kind of...
  8. P

    Protective coating on new MB Discs

    I am about to replace the front discs and pads on my 54 reg 211. I have replaced quite a few sets with genuine MB discs but recently they have been supplied sprayed with a matt grey protective coating. The last couple of sets I have removed the coating from the braking surfaces with white...
  9. Fady

    W211 Front Bumper - Protective strip removal?

    Hi Any one know exactly how this is done - I need to get at a parking sensor which has been pushed in. I hit a bird at speed last weekend (dopey thing was pecking at road kill early a.m. and misjudged my speed). I thought I/it had got away with a few feathers in the mesh of a fog light...
  10. glojo

    Protective paint for lawn mowers

    :) We have a ride on tractor which I have decided to over haul. The inside of the blade cover has taken a bit of a battering from stones, loose mud etc, and when this coating was removed it has exposed bare, corroded metal. I\my son plan on wire brushing this surface, then treating it with a...
  11. K

    Alloy protective lacker breaking off

    Hi, I’m just wondering if I should be concerned with the state of a couple of my wheels. The protective lacquer is coming off them, and it looks like "rising damp" under the lacquer that is making it peal off. Should the wheels be OK like this, I presume it's just cosmetic and will make...
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