1. C

    Kick seat protector

    Hi there I have a c class coupe on its way and have a chosen grey leather interior. Looking for some rear kick seat protectors as I have 11 year old and want to keep the seat protected from feet marks, mud etc. There are lots of seat protectors out there but anyone used some that fit the back...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Carpet stain protector

    Been busy cleaning up the Citroen SM interior. The carpets are quite light and immediately show the dirt quite badly in the pedal area. Has anyone used a stain protector like the 303 High Tech Fabric Guard on their cars to any success?
  3. F

    Rear bumper protector

    Anyone have a recommendation on this. There appears to be many available on the internet. Thanks.
  4. V

    Wheel protector for black or dark alloys?

    Hello all - finally a spell of good weather to give my new motor its first wash. I've got the Autoglym pack with everything you need in. When it come to finishing my alloys with the hydrophobic Autoglym Wheel Protector says it can't be used on dark wheels - I think it creates a cloudy finish...
  5. D

    Sprinter Tipper Rear Light Protector Cage

    Hi, We currently have an 07 Sprinter Tipper. Can anyone suggest where we can buy some rear light protector cages for this? Many thanks, Damian
  6. Robfen100

    Protection Film vs tailored bumper protector

    Anyone had satisfaction applying protection film to a rear bumper? How does it look after a while? do they discolour or go matt? Would we be better-off with a pre-shaped self-adhesive plastic / aluminium / stainless trim as generally seen on estates? Wife has ordered a new golf hatch...
  7. Casique

    Mercedes E Class 2009-2013 Estate Rear Bumper Protector fitting instructions

    Please does anyone know where I can find Mercedes E Class 2009-2013 Estate Rear Bumper Protector fitting instructions?
  8. B

    W203 Rubber boot protector

    Have a rubber boot protector to protect against spills etc to fit a W203 C Class saloon, it came out my 2006 model and is like new. If anyone around the Nottingham postcode NG15 area wants it is free.
  9. L

    W204 Saloon Sill Protector

    W204 Saloon Bumper Protector So I just picked up my new to me second hand merc at the weekend. Its lovely, but missing parking sensors. This omission has caused the previous owner to tap the rear bumper into something. While the bumper itself is not marked at the point of impact, it has...
  10. ldor1

    Screen Protector

    Had anyone used one of these. 2x Mercedes Benz AMG Comand NTG1 Screen Protector Anti-Glare GPS Navigation Sat | eBay
  11. cws196

    Brushed/matt silver load sill protector strip for S203?

    As above, have been searching for one but can only find black plastic strips. Anyone know where to find one?
  12. chrisbin

    Rearguards bumper protector - anyone used?

    I noticed the other day that the rear bumper has got some scuffs on the top edge....not really surprised considering I take 2 teenage boys to school in it every morning.....:rolleyes: So, has anyone fitted a "rearguard"protector on their car.....ideally a C estate?? If so, any good?? Thanks...
  13. dktom

    C Class Estate Boot Liner Protector

    Ive always used an old blanket but want to get a rubber but not smelly rubber boot liner. This one looks good Mercedes C-Class Estate Heavy Duty Rubber Boot Liner Mat - Great Easy Fit | eBay If you have a different one and especially one that has a flap that folds over the bumper to protect...
  14. C

    Inlet manifold servo protector For MB C, E, CLK, R, GLK,……V6 CDI 280 and 320;OM642

    This piece is placed in order to protect the inlet manifold servo. The inlet manifold servo is a well know breakdown in this kind of engines just only consult it on MB forums to confirm. The cause of this failure is the hot oil that falls down in the servo who rules the admission. This piece...
  15. C

    Manifold protector instalation for OM642; V6 CDI 280 & 320

    Hello, This piece is placed in order to protect the inlet manifold servo. The inlet manifold servo is a well know breakdown in this kind of engines just only consult it on MB forums like this to confirm it. The cause of this failure is the hot oil that falls down in the entry of air in the...
  16. Howard

    Iphone screen protector

    Need an Iphone screen protector , don't want to spend a fortune . Seen this on Ebay , is it any good ? iPhone 3G / 3GS screen protector / cover / guard. ANTI-GLARE. Free P&P!! | eBay Not sure if it is a hard plastic cover which might stop it working ? Or am i looking for a...
  17. T

    W212 Estate Sill Protector

    Does anyone know if there's a suitable after market sill protector available. I don't have the easy-pack option, but I'd find the protector very useful. I've seen a couple on eBay, but they don't look that practical.
  18. High-Lo

    B-Class chrome rear bumper protector

    Does anyone know if the chrome bumper protector which is fitted to the later model W245 B-Class rear bumper is suitable to fit the pre-facelift model? My dealer has no idea if it will fit but has told me it is £44 + VAT. I wonder if its just a self adhesive part? Any ideas? Photo below to...
  19. tpwuk

    Foot Rest Protector

    In my CLK, the foot rest is carpeted...:dk:...and the carpet is a pale grey colour. As you can imagine, after 10 years the carpet on the foot rest is looking a little bit tired. I've cleaned it up pretty well but personally would prefer some sort of protector to cover it up. Is there such a...
  20. abecketts

    The Ultimate Paint Protector

    Liquid glass: the spray-on scientific revelation - Telegraph This is causing quite a stir, the potential applications are huge, from keeping the house clean to food preparation, they are even suggesting it could be used in agriculture to stop disease. One area that relates to mercs is the...
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