1. A

    Sill protectors

    Hi all my aluminium door sills look good but aluminium scratchs quite easily, so decided to protect my aluminium ones :D
  2. Timmos

    Rear arch stone protectors

    Apologies if this has been covered before, I can't seem to find anything about the clear plastic film at the front of the rear wheel arches. Mine are looking a bit worse for wear and wondered if I can get replacements,if so is it a diy job or would it have to go into a body shop? It's a black...
  3. notsofast

    Installing stone chip protectors W219 CLS

    Can anybody advise exactly what the "Lubricant, Rubber assembly" p/n A0009890367 consists of ? I don't want to buy a litre of this stuff to only install a few protectors.
  4. Reggie-rock

    Alloy wheel rim protectors

    Has anyone here fitted alloy wheel rim protectors. noticed some just stick on and others fit around the lip of the rims. Are these worth having as they look pretty smart in the range of colours available.
  5. kalvin928

    anyone fitted ALLOYGATOR rim protectors?

    bit pxxxxxd off to say the least!! got rid of my 20" alloys and went to 19" and I scrapped 2 of them today... cars going in on Friday to get these refurbished but now am looking for getting the best protectors ... heard rave review for the alloygator one but found they can be tricky to fit and...
  6. kalvin928

    Rim protectors

    Hi is anyone using these with their alloys? On my present set up they wont be much good, however i have bought some 19" from a member on here, however looking at the design; if i kerb them, the damage could extend onto actual spokes and not just the rim... There is a few on ebay and arent...
  7. S

    Command Screen Protectors / Anti Glare

    Hi All Have read a few threads on international forums about the anti glare coating coming off easily when cleaned incorrectly and the car I have just purchased is patchy in places. Seems the solution is to remove the rest of the coating by giving a clean with Windows cleaner and soft cloth...
  8. Alps

    Good year Eagle F1 Rim protectors

    Just fitted a set of Good year Eagle F1 Asy 2 on the rears, noticed the rim protectors are huge! the must be about 1cm from the Rim. i dont think i can drive on a decked setting on my lowering module any longer as i think they will rub! hopefully be ok once worn down a little. looks like a...
  9. S

    C43 wheel arch protectors

    Hi does any body know if you can still buy the black front wheel arch protectors.,for a C43 If so were. Thanks peter.:)
  10. brucemillar

    Wheel Arch Protectors ?

    I have seen some cars on the forum with the black plastic wheel arch protectors (arch trims or extensions). Can you get them for a C55 - W203 Estate - 2004 ? Cheers Bruce
  11. tpwuk

    Door Edge Protectors

    I picked my car up from the shop today after having new engine mounts fitted and one of the knuckle draggers has chipped the paint on the edge of the drivers door! :wallbash: Well pee'd off I am! Anyway, I've touched the chip in and it's hardly noticable now but you know how it is, I KNOW IT'S...
  12. A

    Alloy wheel protectors

    Hello Due to Mrs A210 having a new car and the fact kerbs seemed to jump out at the last one, whats the forums take on these? Wheels Protector 17 Grey ( Set of 4 ) alloy wheel protector ,alloy wheel protection, protect your alloy wheel rims with wheels protector [17 Grey] ...
  13. T

    headlamp protectors

    Not strictly a bodywork issue but I've got xenons on my C43 and am aware they are fearsomely expensive items to replace - are there any headlamp protectors available for the W202 which would be suitable for a car with xenons??
  14. gina2201

    202 Headlamp protectors

    First set I've seen for the w202, looked good on another car that had them, not sure about a c class.....? Someone might like them....;)

    w124, headlight protectors,??

    anyone know if the plastic clip on h/light protectors are available for a 1993 w124 coupe,??, just had to buy a new pair of h/lights as both of mine were cracked (as well as a windscreen chip+a dent in the grille surround) after a motorway trip down to london, ebay came to the rescue, 2...
  16. NW_Merc

    Bumper protectors Yay or nay?
  17. D

    headlamps: protectors and beam converters

    Dear All I need to source the following for a 1994 300TD (estate)... 1 Beam converter / masks for driving an RHD vehicle on the wrong side of the road. 2 Some sort of protectors for the front headlamps to stop russian stones breaking the glass. These are "holiday" items so need to be...
  18. H

    clear 3M plastic stick-on bonnet protectors

    :bannana: I just want to ask if anyone here has ever installed this on their Benz bonnets to protect against stone-chip paint damage. Its called a few names, one is Invisi-shield form USA? I have another brand , but the same thing installed by a solution of detergent(mild) with water and pressed...
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