1. The _Don

    Man Smashes Mercedes With Golf Club In Protest - S63 Amg

    Ignore duplicate post.
  2. def90cars

    Welsh language protest at 'lack of response' by government

    From the BBC.... just catching up on news at home. Welsh language campaigners say they have chained themselves to the gates of Welsh government offices in a protest at a "lack of response" to the decline in the number of Welsh speakers. Six members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg...
  3. M

    Bahrain Grand Prix: Force India car flees petrol bomb protest

    BBC Sport - Bahrain Grand Prix: Force India car flees petrol bomb protest
  4. grober

    Moscow's Blue Bucket Brigade Protest.

    Fed up with the blaring sirens used by government officials to get to their destinations faster than ordinary Muscovites, a group of frustrated drivers has begun to fight back. After legislation passed in parliament "important" citizens are allowed to flaunt traffic regulations driving on the...
  5. De_Godfather

    Time for a Fuel Protest in Shropshire !!!

    I live in Telford, and work in Shrewsbury, sometimes commuting 6 or 7 days a week. With the present cost of fuel, it feels that I work just to fill my fuel tank up. I have a Passion for vehicles as do most of you guys and gals on here, but it seems that the government just wants to screw us...
  6. pammy

    Early heads up - fuel protest may start tomorrow

    I have from an internal source a heads up that there may be a fuel protest starting tomorrow which will blockade the refineries. It may only be a rumour but this is from a good source who believes it likely that something of some sorts will happen. You might just want to fill up a wee bit...
  7. H

    Fuel Price Protest Planned

    A group called Transaction 2007 had plans this weekend to release a statement announcing some kind of protest action relating to the price of fuel in the UK. A statement has been published on their web site in which they have confirmed that they are going to organise legal protest action, and...
  8. D

    M4 Camera Protest

    Hi, Just came across this: Sounds like there will be some disruptions on Saturday.... DB1
  9. anarchy-inc

    Protest I can't believe it!!!!! Protestors from greenpeace today scaled John Prescott’s roof with his wife inside, starting what they called a “non violent” protest. In my book, the moment you step onto my property and climb onto my...
  10. A

    pending fuel protest?

    From the Annie's internal news network..................... Friday 22 April 2005 12:01pm Fuel protesters in poll threat Fuel tax protesters have threatened to disrupt the General Election with direct action including refinery blockades and go-slows on major routes. Farmer and...
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