1. Alex

    W211 CAN Bus Protocol

    Unlikely available to the general public but I need to get my hands on the CAN bus protocol for W211. Anybody can help?
  2. M

    X reg A140 Diagnostics protocol

    Dear user, this is the first time i post something on this site, although i always find interesting information in here. I recently bought an X reg A140 classic with a few issues. first issue, dead stater, this was resolved by removing the air box, iar mass flow sensor assembly & inlet...
  3. tmienterprises

    Protocol for get togethers...

    Hi all, Going to my first gtg in Kent this Saturday and was wondering if there was any way of recognising the others - secret handshake / salutes - or do i just hang about the car park next to a nice looking Merc - is there a dress code - does it start at a set time? - what actually...
  4. A


    hello, I appear, I am Spanish, but very interested in the quality of your forum, I hope to help in everything what can. thanks to pardon by my language
  5. uumode

    MB Dealer: service desk protocol?

    If you take your car into a main dealer for repair work what's the standard protocol? A. They look at the car, and decide what parts need doing and advise on the cost, and wait for your authorisation to go ahead? or B. They just go ahead and bill you for the work undertaken when you...
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