1. P

    R129 door position: flush, recessed or proud?

    Hi, By adjusting the position of the lock striker located on the door aperture near to the rear wing I can set how far the trailing edge of the door sits inside or outside of the the rear wing. But what is the correct position? Should the trailing edge of the door be recessed just inside of...
  2. M

    Proud owner of a w211 E55, advice needed after health check

    Found a very good example e55 so I purchased it. Took it to a mb specialist to get the breather re sealed on both sides as it was leaking oil, while there I asked for a health check so now I am looking for parts and advice. The double ribbed pulley needs replacing due to play which is tearing...
  3. N

    Proud new owner of a familiar CLK55

    Yesterday I made the 500 mile round trip to purchase my new car. Many thanks to Steve for selling me this extremely well looked after car. I'm very happy!
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours

    I can't take a good photo if I try, so despite having lots of photos of our cars, very few demand a second glance. But these two stood out as being different. So go on, I'll show you mine if you show me yours:
  5. AMGeed

    Laurel and Hardy would be proud

    Just recovering from a very fraught 24hrs due to my perceived plumbling skills that went terribly wrong. Picture this......I'm in the process of decorating the kitchen and at one end is a radiator that needs to be removed to get behind it to prepare and emulsion the wall. I've done this...
  6. A

    Proud first time Mercedes Owner -Advice needed!

    Hi, I have recently become the proud owner of a C220 CDI BlueEfficiency AMG Sport 2013 Coupe and I am in love with the car! I have finally settled into my trainee role after graduating last summer and travelling approximately 600 miles a week so having a comfortable reliable (and good looking...
  7. th3h1ghlander

    Newbie proud owner of a C-Class C270 CDI w203

    Hi All! On Friday I became a newbie Merc owner by buying my first C-Class C270 CDI (w203). The dealer was amazingly patient with me (they must have felt like :wallbash: dealing with me) and helped me through the process. I have now spent 24h with the car and I am absolutely loving it! Took...
  8. B

    Proud new owner

    Hi people my name is Roger soon to be a proud new owner of a e class 220 or 230 not sure yet but definitely a Mercedes e class estate. These forums are worth there wait in gold with the fountain of knowledge that is within these forums. I have a question already and that is the ease of...
  9. E

    did me proud!

    So i was out last night with a few mates. Came across a 2015 wrx sti. who decided he wanted to have a play, at the same time my friends E46 M3 joined. The E55K @ 11 years old and 100k miles was unstoppable. The IAT remained steady and it pulled hard! however the joy was short...
  10. Nemecys

    Proud new CLK 220 Owner

    Hey guys, Thank you for all your past assistance in helping me come to a conclusion on the car, really helped me out. Now that I'm a new member, I want to start taking proper care of my car! It has a few chips and scratches which is a true shame, so I was wondering if you could answer...
  11. AMGeed

    Proud Dad

    As I used my car for my daughter's recent wedding, I thought I might put up a few photos of the happy day. Pity the photographer was more interested in the bride. Can't think why:dk:
  12. RyanTheSeaOtter

    New member - proud owner of S600 Coupe (W140)

    Hi all, I purchased the S600 last week on eBay and collected the beast last night - this is the second Mercedes I've had. 11 years ago I had a 300CE Coupe (W124) and being only 19 at the time promptly wrote her off! Up until last night every car I've had since (Audi S5, BMW M3 even a...
  13. merc85

    Proud owner of a Mint s210

    As above, im now a proud owner of a mint s210 cant believe its 100% rust free too, still on German plates tho :D Enjoy
  14. C36fan

    Once more my 63 made me proud !

    Yesterday me and a few friends went to attend vmax stealth and I was rather impressed with my c63 I got 187mph of a standing still start in a 1.5 mile track in the wet . Also acej aka Justin broke into 200mph !!:cool: So I tried my car a few times now ,and I think is time now to move on .... I'm...
  15. C36fan

    Proud amg owner!

    My girls come on November issue of mercedes enthusiast magazine its a 3 page article . I'm so proud of them they are worth every single penny I spent in them! Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  16. R

    Proud new owner & member

    Hello all! I'm the proud new owner of an 1999 R129 SL320. I've owned her for a couple of weeks and have done some light restoration and a major service. Shes got the AMG body kit and 2 piece wheels, sitting much lower than she did from factory! Photos to follow once the weather is better...
  17. BAZZER1


    My 14 year old Son Nathan is taking his Black Stripe Grading at Taekwondo on Saturday, worked very hard for this and we are very proud Parents of our Boy, not the sort of Lad to roam around the Streets looking for trouble and seems to care a lot for others. So we will be so pleased to see him...
  18. Magdad

    Hello from Leytonstone, very proud owner of CLK 200 Kompressor

    I've been a member for a really long time but I've never managed to say hello and send my best regards to you All. Very rude of me :wallbash: Just moved back from Germany, yesterday purchased a lovely Mercedes CLK - very happy! :bannana: Wishing you a lovely day, Magda
  19. MDC250

    Makes me proud to be a Scouser :-)
  20. M

    New member and very proud CLK OWNER

    Hi to all at MB UK. I am the very proud owner of an S reg CLK 320. I have only had it a week and love it already. It needs some TLC and some spare parts so over the next few weeks/months you will probably see me on here quite a bit lol. I will add some pictures as soon as I work out how to lol...
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