1. tcb180

    A Testament To Toyo Proxes I Think

    These were fitted to the front where they remained throughout their lifespan. Taking into account I fitted all new suspension arms when I bought the car. Then due to crap ebay items replaced the bottom arms with quality ones. AND being forced off the road into a kerb by some queue jumping...
  2. Rob77

    Kumho Ecsta or Toyo Proxes

    I need a new set of tyres (long story) in 225/45/16 and there aren't a lot of choices. I'm looking at Toyo Proxes, which I've had before and liked and for similar money could get Kumho Ecstas which I've never tried but seem popular. Looked at part worns but when I ask about the age, they...
  3. G

    18in Toyo Proxes x4

    I have four Toyo Proxes for sale. T1R's, removed from my TVR in favour of stickier R1Rs for intended track days. All four tyres are barely used and have 6mm of tread on them (that's the same depth as the brand new R1Rs). No sidewall damage, rips, tears or punctures - they really are in...
  4. Mactech

    Toyo Proxes S/T

    It’s that time of year when I tend to put my cars back on smaller ‘winter’ wheels. The ML has gone back to its OE 19” with Bridgestone ER30 tyres. They do not begin to compare with the Toyo Proxes ST that have been on the 20” wheels since March! Both sets have now about 10k miles on them, so I...
  5. B

    Toyo Proxes T1-R

    In need of some new tyres due my rears being at the limit after about 15k miles I had to choose between someDunlop 901s, Pirelli Rossos and Toyo Proxes T1-R. Fitter highly recommended the T1-Rs so I'm giving them a try. At 225/45/17 he reckoned that no tyres will give more then 20k and that 15k...
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