1. J

    Mercedes slk 3.2 170 PSE problem

    Ok so I've bought a 3.2 slk and the PSE doesn't work.I know there's power to it because when you push the button on the key fob it makes a clicking noise just wondered if there was a fuse for the actual motor that pushes the air through to lock the doors,boot,fuel cap Any ideas what to check...
  2. K

    PSE problem on an 04' SL350 R230

    Help please guys. I have the well talked about water in the PSE pump problem. Symptoms are that the convenience battery drains overnight from a short within the pump. I have tracked it down to this by observing that the battery does not drain if I disconnect the pump. Do any of you know of...
  3. B

    w220 s500 PSE VACUUM PUMP

    Hi Everyone, I have a S500L 2000 (W220). Please check the video from the link below. After starting the vehicle, the PSE pump continues to operate without stopping the Movie. I listened carefully to hearing the sound from the air tube, but I couldn't hear the...
  4. S

    C207 (2011 E250 coupé) PSE pump location

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where the PSE pump is located in the E-class coupé? The lumbar support isn't working on the driver's seat. I can hear the pump working when the switches (wheels) are moved for the passenger seat but not the driver's, leading me to believe there may be a...
  5. P

    PSE pump - wet, very wet

    So I guess this central locking pump will not be working again! Looking round for a replacement, but what worries me is the connectors. These look rusty as well and I am concerned about plugging them onto a new unit!
  6. N

    W140 PSE (central locking) pump

    Hello fellow MB peeps!! Just wondered where would be the best place to get a central locking pump for the CL500 I have? Also does anybody know if you can get just the motor as I reckon thats what the main prob with these tends to be. Feel free to correct me on this as I'm rather new. Many...
  7. S

    W163 PSE Vacuum pump

    I have a 1998 W163 ML320. To retro fit a keyless entry system that also closes the windows I have to tap into the existing wiring at the PSE Pump.I was told that it was located under the main fuse board. That is not so. Does anyone know where it is?
  8. Borys

    W215 pse pump question

    Did replaced my pse pump Seems it keeps giving me trouble since. Central locking works at all times but soft closing keeps playing games. At the time I will have driver side working, boot and passenger door soft close will not work. I would reset the pump, all will go to normal but after few...
  9. N

    My PSE/Dynamic seat pump experience

    Had the car over 3 years now and only for a short spell of me having the car have the dynamic seats and pneumatic bolster adjustments actually worked. Once it failed, investigations ensued; hit the pump in the boot with a hand, it kicks back in… so every time I went back to it, I gave it a hit...
  10. C

    1998 SLK 230 PSE Pump replacement wanted

    SLK 230 PSE Pump replacement wanted My Mercedes dealer has quoted me £500.00 to replace the PSA Pump for my 1998 SLK 230, which I bought new 38800 miles ago. It seems a bit expensive, is it a fair price for the supply and fit? Having left my SLK in the driveway over winter, the drainage...
  11. Mr Kripling

    PSE Line Repair

    Hi all, In a moment of madness I bought a CL55 and have been rectifying a number of minor issues (although I'm sure there are some big ones just waiting to rear their heads...) One of the problems I had was with the lumbar adjustment & massage on the front seats not working. I eventually...
  12. R

    129 PSE wiring diagram

    Newby here needing some help. Diagnostic company say a jump start has damaged the supply circuit on my 97 SL500 c/locking pump. Can anyone help with a wiring diag? I'm wondering just how hard it can be to change out a damaged component as I know the pump is working. Thanks
  13. A

    Slk230k pse pump

    One of my customers pse pumps (Central locking pump) has failed due to water ingress these are quite frankly like trying to find rocking horse $hit! Part number 1708000548 Also need the plugs for it, I realise this is a long shot. Any help appreciated.
  14. Jeff666

    SL PSE Repairs

    Not sure if it's any good but worth a look... Mercedes SL PSE Central Locking Pump Repair Service | eBay
  15. M

    Require PSE Pump for 1999 R129. Merc no longer make these.

    Hi there I have just had my PSE Pump pack in. On investigation it is corroded and burnt out inside according to the garage. Unfortunately he contacted Merc to get prices on a new one, and they have none in stock, but more worryingly he was told Merc have stopped making these for my model all...
  16. D

    PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay

    PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay Here is a central locking pump, PSE, for R230 type SL From a member here an offer of £325 with your old unit in exchange will be OK. Mercedes Benz PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 A230 800...
  17. m2287

    Cl55 PSE pump problem

    Ok so yesterday I was feeling lazy and took my car to the local car wash. After jet washing it, I drove it to the area where they dry the cars and my engine cut out as I came to a stop. The car wouldn't start for around 15mins and then suddenly started working fine again. Sometime when this...
  18. Ronam2012

    Damp foam around roof & PSE pump

    I decided to check out if I had a damp problem today and indeed I do! The foam the PSE pump sits on was damp as was the foam around the roof pump. These are now drying out in the airing cupboard! I was thinking about wrapping these in a plastic back to stop them acting like a sponge if water...
  19. D

    PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay

    Here is a central locking pump, PSE, for R230 type SL From a member here an offer of £325 with your old unit in exchange will be OK. Mercedes Benz PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 A230 800 05 48 SL | eBay Regards David
  20. mr tibbs

    PSE to fit W210

    Hi all. After recently having to change the PSE in our car (we have an estate E320 S210 and a previous owner had a PSE for a saloon fitted :fail and that gives no output to the rear wiper......) We have for sale the original PSE which works well in every respect for a saloon. I am asking £25 +...
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