1. Branchman

    Really P*ssed Off

    Well I was Patiently counting down the days till I took delivery of my New C Class only 39 days to the 18th of May so started to make arrangements to visit friends and relatives then speaking to Dealer have now been inform will not get it till 20 June. So thinking of canceling the order and...
  2. P

    A really p*ssed off E-Class owner

    Think twice before you decide to take your chances parking on London streets! :crazy:
  3. M

    Somewhat p*ssed off

    #~(%, $/*]~ and }*$$! Some little toe-rag broke the rear quarter-light of my SE in the driveway last night and had been trying to get the brand new Kenwood head unit out. I'd left the face on it (stupid)! I'd also left the removal tools in the door pocket (even more stupid) but he didn't find...
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