1. KillerHERTZ

    Post a single Car based pub fact

    As per title, post a random, 1 line car fact (for use in the pub) I'll start: 1) Racecar backwards is racecar
  2. A

    Bikers pub closed

    Bit bored yesterday so went for a blast up the A537 Cat&Fiddle road, famous with all the bikers and to my shock and horror it's closed:eek: This was one pub I thought would never go, but like so meny good pubs they are all closing at an alarming rate :wallbash: So I ended up going Darby...
  3. MD5

    Pub quiz question

    I'm not really a pub quiz fan, but we went to one earlier, and I'd appreciate any knowledgeable answers to one specific question please. I will also try (for the first time) to set up a poll, as the answer was multiple choice! Here goes: What percentage of the UK female population in 1968 had...
  4. swannymere

    Police helicopter crashes on Glasgow Pub

    Not looking good. Police Helicopter crash
  5. s88

    Humberside pub events - Triton Inn

    Out for tea last night at the Triton Inn at Brantingham, near South Cave West of Hull and discovered they have a bit of a car meet on Wed 13th June, 1800- 2100. Car park holds 100 and landlord claims to have about 90 cars of all sorts turn up. They do have a web site and are close to A63 so easy...
  6. Godot

    Nice gig down the local Pub's Beer Garden

    Concert @ The Kings / Concert against Cancer @ Kings Arms, All Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire [YOUTUBE HD]BBDxaF3angc[/YOUTUBE HD] See here, on the side of the page, for the acts. Landlord must have some "pull":):thumb: Concert @ The Kings / Concert against Cancer @ Kings Arms, All...
  7. brucemillar

    Providing Free Wireless in a Pub

    Folks My friend owns a pub and wanted to offer free wi-fi to his customers. He told me that the costs to him from his provider (BT) made this a non-starter. He did not have the exact figure to hand but said it was not (as I thought) pennies per day. He said that BT had told him that because...
  8. ringway

    The Best Pub Sign?

    A sign of the times?
  9. Apial

    American style ride back from the pub.

    Apparently you can ride a horse whilst over the limit in Montana YouTube - Sober Friend! I don't think that you can in the UK though?
  10. nick mercedes

    Surrey Pub GTG

    Having spoken to Racall at the Brooklands Meet, gauging interest in a meet along the lines of one the other forum had a month or so ago Possibly Saturday 20th of November, at Red Lion pub Fernhurst (Surrey Hills) Apparantly the pub was very welcoming to the MB crowd. Anyone up for it?
  11. KillerHERTZ

    SLS AMG - 3D Short Film on Sky3D 14/08/10 in a Pub Near You

    Mercedes SLS AMG trailers for 3D film On Sky3D This Sunday Car fans in the UK who live near a pub with Sky 3D television will get the chance to check out a short film of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on Sunday. Called "Manx Meister", it features former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard pushing...
  12. Londonscottish

    BBC F1 Pub Quiz

    I thought this was great :-) BBC - Jake Humphrey: The Great British (and Irish) pub GP
  13. Noodle-Pulp

    Pub sign win!

    One we saw today:
  14. Lugy

    Went to the pub yesterday.....

    So last night we (me and Davy Mcneil) decided we'd go to the pub, we decided we'd take the scenic route.....via Birmingham and the Autosport Show at the NEC. A number of travelling methods were planned, firstly the bus, though we'd leave Edinburgh at 9pm on the Friday and get back today...
  15. trando

    Pub argument about C55 AMG sales

    Hi everyone: Most of these went to the US, but does any one know - or know where to find out - how many C55 AMGs have been sold in the UK? Ta
  16. dowtherz

    Guess what I saw down the pub today?

    Very nice....
  17. S

    pub conversation

    in the pub the other night a friend was discussing his next car..... he's spending around 10k and his options are c220 cdi class - 53 plate x type 2l diesel on a 55 plate 3 series bmw - a diesel but as yet has not seen one he was doing a spot of test driving at the weekend - so dunno...
  18. A

    Pub feed back.

    Over the last few years I have watched pubs and bars being used less and less. This was the reason I stated HFUK to try and help publicans and hoteliers, I never for a moment when I started it considered that the bulk of the membership would be people thinking of entering the trade. But I happy...
  19. Sp!ke

    Quaint country village pub recommendations?

    I have the in laws over at the moment and one of their requested trips is they want to see a typical little country village and go for a traditional pub lunch. I'm thinking thatched roofs, open fireplace and decent pub grub in a pretty village somewhere. I'm driving them down to...
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