1. J

    Interesting Mercedes-Benz Public Archive

    I found this MB site and thought others here may be interested too. Apologies if you aready know about it ;)
  2. gr1nch

    Is there a risk making your car's VIN number public?

    Apologies, this one turned out longer than I'd expected, as the concept came up that VINs could also help thieves steal our beloved cars to order... Yesterday my M-B dealer sent me the VIN of my car which is being built in a week or so (hooray!). I was about to upload the VIN into that...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Public transport in the sticks

    sucks. I had a hand op so for 4 weeks afterwards couldn't drive. I caught the bus into Slough once to go shopping - £9.20 return to go 3 miles and back. Then I had to go for an eye test at High Wycombe - the pupil is dilated so you can't drive for six hours. A shame because it is only 15...
  4. Gollom

    TrapperJohn - a public thankyou

    Just wanted to say publicly what a thoroughly nice man TrapperJohn is. Nothing is too much trouble and he goes out of his way to help others, a fact of which quite a few forum members are aware :bannana::rock::thumb: The BEST forum!
  5. G

    banned from public swimming pool

    ok,so last week i went swimming to our local council run pool,its an adult lane swim,when i got out of pool i was pulled to one side and asked that if i was planning to come again could i wear a T shirt, why i ask you ask, i have a new large ish tattoo on my back which apparently some people...
  6. R

    Do you prefer to do it in public or in private?

    So, I was determined not to add any options to my C63 to keep the lease costs low, but now I'm getting a bit of a niggle about Privacy glass, most of my work colleagues think it would make the car look a lot better. I've ordered Obsidian Black with Sand/Black interior, I believe the car will be...
  7. neilz

    A city with no public transport?

    =9590"]News Could Budapest really lose its public transport very very soon?
  8. S

    The joy of oversteer, not on the public road

    On Saturday some friends and I decided we would go and watch some rallying which was going on in Perthshire. Here is the full album 2nd October, Aberfeldy Colin MacRae Rally | Facebook Two of my mates are very big on rallying, its not something I know an awful lot about other than it...
  9. D

    Public Transport - Viable alternative?

    I have recently started to use public transport more often. Mainly because of two projects, one in Kent and one in Glasgow, which made road travel something of a chore. I did quite enjoy this, although I noted that the rail was nearly always more expensive than the air option. I have a need...
  10. D

    Why public schoolboys run Britain

    I've just watched a very interesting documentary on BBC2 about our 'political elite' being public school educated. I'm not normally one to agree with Andrew Neil, yet in this case, the future doesn't look too pretty unless you're from a financially priviledged background. Very sad...
  11. ringway

    Public Information Films.

    On The National Archives site (LINK) I found this section containing many Public Information Films. The first film listed is "Coughs and Sneezes" from 1945. Fantastic! There aren't many Public Information Films these days and browsing the site takes me back.. LINK.
  12. camerafodder

    A Big Public Thankyou to 124 Works

    Thanks to Ian and his grandson and Aandyy of course for the day spent on a C service for my E320. Brake pads, engine oil Air/Oil/fuel filters, ATF oil and filter change star diagnostics, cups of tea, steak pie from round the corner and much more (apart from hobnobs which apparently Aandyy really...
  13. S

    Bring Back Public Stoning

    What has the world come to when a thing of beauty is de-faced!!Thats the first thing thats wrong about this ad,HOWEVER the real tragedy is that someone has made him an offer which means that there must be another stupid person out there! So to all the sensible people i say did two holes and...
  14. Dryce

    Public Enquiry Office

    Checking up on some immigration stuff I discovered this useful fact about the public *enquiry* offices on the Home Office website: "The public enquiry offices do not handle enquiries, or give advice." So why do they call them enquiry offices?
  15. 94mattda

    Flashing In Public

    Before i start Dieselman and Robert Saunders i mean headlights not public exposure....:D I was driving to the Gym today and for some reason i thought about when i owned a Mk1 Golf Cabriolet how when ever i saw one or another VW we would flash our headlights in aknowledgment. This got me...
  16. Mr E

    Public Liability Insurance

    A quick question that I'm sure someone on here will be able to answer.... We've got a family wedding this weekend and the wedding party have hired a venue for the reception. Everything has been hunky-dory up til now, except when the peeps doing the catering went to see the place. "Ah-ha,"...
  17. D

    BBC urged to sack Jeremy Clarkson after he admits driving at 186mph on public road

    186mph! I wonder where he did it? Limehouse Link. There are 3 speed cameras in there how can he did that?
  18. Tan

    Public WiFi

    Hi I am looking for a WiFI package, BT open zone or similar to sign up to. Does anyone have any experiece of these, if so, which one do you use. So far, I have found out that for £5 per month I can get 500 minutes with BT open zone or I can go on pay as you go which is charged at 20p per...
  19. C

    MB World and Public Transport

    Thinking of going to London for a few days (as a tourist) and thought about a visit to MB World as it isn't too far from the centre of London. Has anybody travelled via public transport to MB World? The website states that Weybridge station is only a mile away, but I suspect this will be a...
  20. M

    Racing on public roads

    I've been reading some of the recent threads about people racing on public roads. Last night on Look North, the local BBC TV news program, there was an article about a 17 year old with no licence or insurance racing his pal on the B roads of Lincolnshire. He came round a corner on the wrong...
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