1. reflexboy

    Power for puddle lights in the mirrors-R172

    Hi all Our 2014 R172 doesn't have the interior lighting package so the already present LED puddle lights under the door mirrors won't light up. I have traced the wires from the light to the door panel and have extended it bring it into the car, applied 12v and hey presto, nice white light!! I...
  2. jon.english68

    Puddle lights again

    Woo hoo, one thing that has bugged me ever since I bought my Coupe in January, its bugged me that the puddle lights in the doors don't work, well today I wired them up [emoji4] looking at the wiring diagram I could work out which wires at the door module to connect to to make the lamp illuminate...
  3. M.A.94

    Puddle behind rear wheel W210

    Yesterday I noticed a very small puddle behind my driver side rear wheel. I stuck my head under and never seen anything obvious, it was a bit dark so couldn’t get a good idea if anything was wet under the car. At this point I decided that it might have been from another car which was parked on...
  4. c180081c

    W204 coupe door puddle lights

    Hi guys, I have just purchased a 2012 c class coupe, it doesn't have the illumination pack but I'd like to get the puddle lights in the door cards working. Does anybody know the part number for the add on looms that connect to the door control unit? Any help appreciated
  5. P

    W212 mirror puddle lights.

    Hello. I recently installed power folding mirrors on my w212 e class. They work just fine...exept puddle lights.i replaced door modules..but no luck.is there a way to check what is wrong with them?tried whit regular bulbs...leds...but they do not light up.Everithing is activated in the...
  6. T

    W205 Puddle Light Activation

    Hello it seems I have LED bulbs fitted puddle light under the door mirrors on my c220 W205. Do these have to activated or sit her on as I cannot get them to illuminate?
  7. h17n dj

    W219 Puddle Lights

    Hi Gents, it has recently dawned on me that our 2010 CLS Grand edition doesn't have puddle lights under the wing mirrors..... I would have thought these would be standard fitment on a car of this rank? Is there something I'm missing? All help appreciated.
  8. B

    Stopping for puddle

    Driving home the other night, I had cause to test the SBC system on my Merc! Driving along an A road in the dark, came across a car stopped dead in front of a puddle. No brake lights, no hazards. As I (just) pulled up behind him, he advanced cautiously into the puddle (probably wisely...
  9. vijilants

    w202 Door puddle lights

    For Sale, A pair of front door puddle lights (used) for the C Class W202. £10 plus £5 p&P
  10. I

    Puddle Lights

    Hi All, I have a 250 CDI AMG (2014) and just noticed the LED puddle lights do not come on. Am I missing something? :confused: Thanks.
  11. K

    Wing Mirror Puddle after market R230 Sl500 2002

    Hello I have a Sl500 on a 2002 plate. It was not fitted with wing mirror puddle lights, and I would like to make the mod. When I use the fob, I would like the after market wing mirror puddles to light up with the interior lights, and then go off with the interior lights when I start the car...
  12. thebig1

    Retrofit Footwell Lights And Puddle Lights

    Hi Guys, I have a 2013 C63 and it doesnt have footwell lights or puddle lights. Can I retrofit these, anyone done it or a guide of how too?
  13. D

    W211 E320 2003 Wing mirror Puddle light

    I've had this car a year and never noticed that the wing mirror puddle lights didn't work. M.B. health check threw up an error message stating open or short circuit for the lights. Checked the bulbs = OK, checked the dash menu showing external lights as "ON" Internal courtesy lights work fine...
  14. R

    w203 puddle lights

    Hi guys bought my self a w203 c180k sport edition last saturday and i love it, anyway i changed my grab handle yesterday and when i removed the doorcard i noticed there was already a cut out for puddle lights i just wanted to know what parts are needed and what wiring is involved. can the puddle...
  15. W124ali

    W126 500SEC puddle!

    Took the cover off my SEC today to find a pool of water in the left rear foot well and some dampness in the left front. Where could it have come from? Suggestion please!
  16. W

    Mysterious water puddle W202

    i own a 1999 C200 W202, the 2 rear doors became water containers during this winter, once i open the door water comes rushing out the bottom, but thats not my main problem, while driving (speeding up and breaking) i hear water moving inside the car, from behind the drivers side (left side), i...
  17. ringway

    Vito. Mysterious Puddle at rear tailgate.

    Following on from the thread by our man Corned (although I must add that this thread is not my interest in his thread). LINK. My 2008 Vito has developed a puzzling leak at the tailgate area. The leak manifests itself only when the van has been stood in the rain. If I hose or...
  18. L

    Rear door puddle lights.

    Hi, Newby here (Lippy) I have a A-class 180 avantgarde se cdi auto. Could any body tell me how to get the rear door puddle lights to come on,as they do not seem to work.Been into the on board computer but no info. No info in the owners manual either...
  19. jim_bob567

    Howto: W203 coupe puddle lights and door card removal

    This is a very easy job, could be done within an hour or so... I always wanted these on my car and couldn't understand why mercedes never put them on the coupe, yet are standard on saloon models, because the car comes with the same door control unit as the saloon all the wiring points are...
  20. zenman63

    Retro fitting puddle lights 639

    Just fitting puddle lights in my 2005 115 vito, parts from S&B Commercials, very good in finding the parts. Looks like they just plug in to the door controller, Question is do they need Star to turn them on?
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