1. D

    Pug 307

    Some will know that while I was having an issues with my car, I was pushed into buying an old Clio on da bay. While it's not a bad car, I've decided it's not a keeper so it's back da bay..... Still having a third car is helpful as it keeps the dog out of my car and the miles off the Range...
  2. BillyW124

    2009 Pug 206 for sale

    Pug 206 for sale: Work colleague's motor only 9k genuine miles on the clock! PEUGEOT 207 1.4 Verve 3dr 2009 | Cobham | Gumtree
  3. D

    w210 spark pug removal

    I have a w210 with a 280 V6 motor. It is misfiring at high revs and stumbling a bit when cold. I want to check the plugs but need a bit of genius assistance to help me remove them (easily!). The plug caps seem almost impossible to pull of and I am scared of snapping a plug. Many thanks David...
  4. merc man

    Hidden treasure (Pug 306) with a misfire

    hi there A long story short. I purchased a house not to long ago, it needed some attention, which is now done, time to tackle garden, looked in rear garage which was packed, garden tackled time to empty garage, a surprise a 306 was tucked under all the mess under a cover, what a find...
  5. Kompressor_Dude

    Pug in a sorry state!

    Minor crisis happened today and thought id see if anyone here can help me out. The car i selected for my little sister as a 'reliable, solid cheap to run car' has just been towed from the side of a dual carriage way with what the AA man described as 'a failed oil pump, and top end rattle.' :(...
  6. scotth_uk

    Anyone tried the new Pug 407?

    I had to rent a car this evening for a trip to stoke tomorrow, and went down to see my good buddies at Avis. They usually upgrade me, but today they upgraded me from C to F class! Ahh the power of the BA Executive Club card when it isn't blue. ;-) Anyway, I got out to the carpark and was...
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