1. H

    Replacing AC pulley?

    Investigated a bit of belt noise at idle and found that the AC compressor pulley has free-play and feels a bit grumbly. Is it possible to change just the pulley and is it hard to do? Access is good, loads of room to work with. It's a denso btw. AC itself works great. Cheers
  2. merc85

    E55K Fixed or Clutched S/c Pulley

    Whats the pro's and cons of a Fixed S/c Pulley over a clutched one? Just asking:D
  3. AngryDog

    Wanted: E55K pulley cover

    I want another pulley cover my my E55 It's the bit at the front of the supercharger.
  4. M

    M113k 5 piece pulley kit + belt wrap kit

    Hi everyone I am a bit confused as too which manufacturer I should use to replace my idler pulley and would highly appreciate any advice given. On my 04 e55k (engine m113k) the double ribbed pulley(idler pulley) needs changing, a company called UPD offers a 5 piece pulley set so I can replace...
  5. karozza

    Alternator Pulley

    Anyone replaced Alternator pulley on a W203 with a non original part?
  6. zoros

    Pulley clutch unit SL55

    Need some advice please? I believe MSL is the place to do the smaller supercharger pulley and chip upgrade? Does this 'tweak' include the whole pulley and clutch assembly for the price or just the pulley, please? Sepsarately. Where is the best place to purchase the following: Supercharger...
  7. G

    slk 32amg, sl55amg supercharger washer and pulley size?

    Hi guys does anyone have a spare washer of the slk 32 or 55 supercharger pulley they can sell to me (cant get off mercedes seperate- have to buy the whole pulley unit) also might be a daft question is this a 65mm pulley that came on the car?
  8. S

    WTB: Weistec 180mm crank pulley

    Greetings from across the pond. I'm on the hunt for a 180mm Weistec crank pulley. Cash in hand.
  9. M

    Air Conditioning pulley noise

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this one. I have a 350CLS 2005 model that has re-developed a noisy sort of whining/bearing sort of noise. The last time I heard this same noise I was able to rectify it by tracing it to and replacing a guide pulley that the serpentine...
  10. H

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  11. M

    c280 w202 crank pulley

    Hi, so i recently bought a 98 c280 with little history, i gather the crank pulley has a rubber component. when this starts to go does the engine feel a little rough when reving? and is the crank pulley a dealer only part , cant find one on eurocarparts website.
  12. S

    Remap & Pulley Midlands

    Decided to go for a remap and smaller pulley on my 2004 SL55 My question is because i cant believe the differnce in remap prices from one place to another. Can anyone reccomend the best place preferably in the Midlands to get a remap and smaller pulley thats good value for money. I dont...
  13. C

    W210 alternator pulley warning!

    Afternoon all. I have an E320cdi 2002. I've had a squeak from the belt area for around a month. I've ignored it as it only happens at idle, once warm it disappeared all together. The other evening I arrived at work and it sounded like I had an enraged budgey under the bonnet! Looked into it and...
  14. RyanMuller

    supercharger pulley bearing noise

    Does anybody else get this screechy sound? The new pulley has only done about 2000 miles. Thanks https://youtu.be/mGXaaW50x0M
  15. Mrhanky

    ASP Supercharger Idler pulley kit

    For interest for all M113K owners only. This kit is used and has been on the car for about 6k miles. All the bearings are in perfect working order. This was my second pulley kit as the first suffered wear in the bearing seat. This meant changing the bearing became impossible. So when I...
  16. C

    C230k pulley mod

    Hi there I have a 97 merc c230k, looking to mod the charger pulled or buy a smaller one, I have the eaton m62 charger and I'm after a 63mm pulley as a mate of mine has bought one a while bk now fitted say it's a completely different car,only thing is he can't find who he got it off on eBay and...
  17. K

    S211 E55 Aircon Clutch Pulley

    Was wondering if anyone knows if anyone besides Merc stocks the aircon pulley for a S211 E55 please. The merc part is A0002341312 £195. Searches on eBay and Google have turned up nothing? Regards.
  18. Mrhanky

    55K Idler pulley set

    Used alloy Idler pulley set for 55k engine. Bearings good but also easily replaceable. £180 plus postage.
  19. M

    C270cdi alternator pulley

    Hi, i have recently noticed a 'new' noise coming from the engine :) . It sounded like the air filter box or the engine cover beeing loose and vibrating. After i realised that the noise is not related to the plastics, i could see the belt flapping and the tensioner moving. My first instict was...
  20. french

    Pulley or Crankpulley

    I had a smaller S/charger pulley fitted to my C32 & it was great with a remap, I have been contemplating an 180 Crankpulley but I have my concerns that it may cause the ancillaries to be overstressed ? A friend had one fitted & later he had the alternator pack up ...cost quite a lot to have a...
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