1. Mo2312

    W209Car still pulls to one side

    My clk350 pulls to the left, had it checked and aligned by 2 different independent tyre dealers to manufacturer spec, but car still pulls to the left, any ideas? I'm based in Thurrock in essex, or anywhere else I could try. Thanks
  2. Markssl

    Steering pulls to left

    The steering on my 2008 e320cdi estate pulls to the left even though I've had a Hunter setup, tracking checks, balancing etc. Not sure what to do next? Any ideas please? Thanks
  3. D

    C63 pulls to the left

    Hi, I went to get my car alignment today. The car was already perfect and didn't need any adjustment. However, I find that the car pull to the left if I let go of the steering wheel. Is this normal? Thanks.
  4. M

    211 pulls to the left

    Hi guys. Just had four new tyres fitted and they did laser tracking afterwards, but car pulls to the left slightly. They re-tracked, but still doing it. Took it to another garage that does four wheel alignment. They say that it's all straight on the computer, but still pulls a bit when on...
  5. N

    W208 Coupe - Pulls to the left.

    Well yes, lol. 2000 W208 CLK Pulls to the left quite harshly and to go straight the steering wheel is about a 25 Degree angle to the right of being straight; Before we got the car in 2003, it was curbed by the previous owner, we never did anything about the pulling problem, but its bugging...
  6. rakeshkhakhar

    Car pulls to the right when braking...help!

    Hey all so what might the issue be if the car pulls to the right slightly when i brake say from 35mph upwards? the car has just been serviced....said the pads were 60% worn... nothing else apart from that any ideas? thanks
  7. T

    C Class pulls to left

    My C240 pulls to the left. I have found a few other C class owners with the same problem. Please let me know if you have the same problem as I am going to give Merc some stick. Thanks [email protected]
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