1. C

    Punctured Alloy!!!!!! 2007 280CDI E-Class

    Hi All, My W211 (I just found out what it is called at the factory) saloon suffered an inch square punctured alloy this morning. There was a bang and a loud revolving clunking. I took the tyre off and imagine my surprise. A large piece of metal sticking out of the tyre and a 'hole' in the...
  2. T

    Punctured tyre

    Hi all, this may sound a bit weird but, today i collected my car from MB dealer post corrosion repair (away for just 8 days). The manager brought car around and said he had to put a bit of air in one of front tyres and best to keep an eye on it. I said, thats unusual, although i check them...
  3. gklau

    punctured tyre

    Hi guys, Just punctured my rear side passanger tyre. :( Its a 245/40 17x8.5 Michelin Pilot Sport. Anyone ever buy one from the dealers and anyone have an idea how much will it cost? And also, will I have to replace both rears as well? I've done about 8000 miles on this set. Any...
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