1. D

    Advice and tips when purchasing MB Star Diagnostic tool?

    Thank you for reading my post, Are there reputable places to buy an MB Star? I have seen a lot of non-genuine ones in ebay, but I have read review that they tend to go wrong after awhile. How much should I be looking to pay for a new or used genuine one, and are there particular things I...
  2. U

    Advice on purchasing a CLA

    Hi guys, I'm looking to pcp a used cla200d over 4 years and will be doing around 16k p/a, looking at something around the 30k mileage mark, the car will be approved used so I will have a MB warranty for the first year. Never owned a Mercedes before so just hoping for some advice on what to...
  3. Doc matt

    No checks when purchasing tier 1 warranty.

    I've had my CLS63 a month now and to be safe I purchased a Tier 1 warranty this afternoon online via the mb warranty website. :cool: Years ago When I bought a second hand 911 without warranty I purchased a warranty from Porsche for 12 months and as part of the warranty purchasing I had to...
  4. David404

    Options list for car I'm purchasing

    Hi folks Somebody commented in another post that some if I post a VIN number here somebody may be kind enough and have the resources to obtain a list of the options fitted on build. Would be great if somebody could do this. WDB211022B324298 Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    Used car purchasing: main dealer vs non main dealer

    Hi, Wanting a bit of advice. I have a good understanding of what you get when purchasing an approved used car from a main franchised dealer. Your paying top dollar for a good car with warranties etc. I have also purchased from private sellers before. Again, i understand the buyer beware...
  6. U

    Assistance with airmatic shock purchasing

    Hi all, This week my w220 cdi 320 (2001 my) took a dive and popped the osf shock. It's been leaking a small amount for a while but its gone for good now. Appear to be original and at 14 years and 150,000 miles, its not too bad eh, but I wonder if anyone can offer any guidance on the below...
  7. D

    Purchasing a C Class demonstrator

    Afternoon everyone....looking for a little advice. I'm considering buying a 2014 C Class 220 BlueTEC (AMG) that was a demonstrator in its previous life. I've not purchased a car for a while as I've been a company car driver for years. Am I likely to be able to negotiate on price with the main...
  8. O

    Purchasing tips for 2011 5.5TT W212

    Am looking to purchase a late 2011 E63 5.5TT estate. Want to know what I should look out for on a 4 year old car like this and what to look for in terms of warranty. Will be buying from a dealer but not necessarily MB (although it would be preferable). Understand the risk of buying something...
  9. P

    Purchasing an SL55...inspection tips!

    Hi everyone, first post so go easy on me! I am in the throws of purchasing an SL55. I'm past the umming and erring stage about it...the potential financial ruin...the potential confrontations with Her Majesty's police force and the potential mockery for driving a topless two seater. I currently...
  10. G

    Purchasing Advice

    Good Afternoon All I am hoping you could give me a bit of a steer with my choice of steed? Unfortunately I need to replace my Vito as somebody side swipped it and it is now a write off. I have claimed off my insurance and will be looking at a C220 CDI 04-06 or an E220/270 04/05. I have seen...
  11. martyp87

    Purchasing a CL600 Bi-Turbo or SL500

    Hello all, Long time no post, but I'm back and ready to upgrade! My CLK240 isn't the most interesting of cars to drive, lacking power and comfort so I've had my eye on a CL or SL for a while now comes the time to pull the trigger. :bannana: I know these are rather sensitive beasts...
  12. D

    Purchasing new home from parents - process?

    Hello all, I am after some advice. My parents purchased a home some 10 years ago as an investment. I am now looking to buy this home from my parents to live in. Of course, the house will be properly valued and a proper sale price will be agreed. I am new to house buying and every...
  13. L

    Purchasing advice

    Hi I have previously posted once on this website and received one reply which without being rude was no help at all although I was pleased someone replied. I need some guidance as I really want to buy a SL350 or 500 year 2004-2005 with low miles. However I have had the cash for two months now...
  14. J

    Purchasing A180 CDI

    Wife is looking for a new (used) car and is keen on the A-class. She's spotted a A180 CDI on an 08 plate that she likes. 49k. A quick search of the forum reveals that CVR auto gearboxes (which I assume are the only type of gearboxes on this car?) can be unreliable. I really don't want a huge...
  15. B

    C63 purchasing

    Hi all I'm selling my 335 coupe soon which will be replaced with a c63 saloon and I have some questions about ownership, servicing and warranty. I will most likely buy a 2010 c63 with the view of extending the warranty. Is this around the £1000 mark and are there any limitations, excesses...
  16. B

    Advice on purchasing a C230k 2002

    Hi all, I'm new to the world of Merc so hi :) I am currently looking for a second car (our main day car is a Fiesta Zetec S) and that happily takes my mrs to work and does the shopping ! I'm looking for a second car for me, to have some fun in and get me from A to B withought problems. A...
  17. R

    Looking at purchasing a 2005 C Class Sport Coupe 220CDI

    Evening all, New to the forum. An going to look at purchasing my first MB C Class Sports Coupe, however its a manual. Heard a few issues about the foot handbrake being a bit of an issue, can people please tell me their experience of the manual coupe handbrake? I will be looking to...
  18. U

    Purchasing a new mercedes

    Need a little advise please as my father is looking to purchase a newish merc, and ask me if there was any other ways of checking a cars history he has already hpi'd the vehicle and all is ok but is that the only way to check..? the car is being purchased from an independent seller
  19. J

    C270 Cdi purchasing worries

    Hi all. Hopefully I am going to look at a 2001 C270 CDi on ebay. does anyone know it, the dark blue saloon one in Heswall at £2695 or best offer. Anyway, I will of course do the usual "does everything work check" But I've never owned an auto, and am concerned about the "valeo" issue. I know...
  20. R

    CDI270 oil leak (purchasing)

    Please can anyone help. I am purchasing a 2004 260CDI Avantgarde Auto (tip) and i have noticed what i expect to be an oil leak on a pipe (see attached Picture) it seems to be a small leak and the leaking down the pipe towards the silver thing (think this is a turbo). This area seems to be a...
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