1. P

    Xenon bulb gone purple!!!

    W211 2003 One of the bulbs seems to have gone purple suddenly, is it gone? Cheapest place for a replacement pleas...
  2. brucemillar

    Purple Wheels, Ourole Wheels.

    Decided on a change for the summer for my 55 Wagon. Full powder coat. New carbon centers to be fitted. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. G

    W210 E55 AMG - Designo Purple, how many made?

    Can anyone help me? I've got an E55 AMG in Designo Purple, and I think it's beautiful! I'm trying to find out how many came out of the factory in this colour, any ideas?!
  4. M

    Purple S-Class for soccer star's wife

    I am sure the husband never drives this car now. From the article: The weird thing is that this pimped out S-Class belongs not to a rapper, but to the wife of a football player. The beautiful redhead that's covered in tattoos is Daisy Vorn. She is the wife of Michel Armand Vorm, a Dutch...
  5. M

    Purple E55 on ebay

    Does anybody on here know this car or anything about it? Never seen one this colour....
  6. PeterE320Cdi

    Purple Parcel Shelf Restoration

    I thought I would have a go at recolouring the parcel shelf from my CLK as it has been bleached a nasty purple colour by the sun. First thing I tried was the speaker covers. Using Auto Glym Black Dye I think it looks good but I used the whole can on 1 speaker cover and half the...
  7. Justin1600

    Purple C43 AMG For Sale

    Rare colour C43 For Sale :eek: even got purple seats :thumb: Mercedes C43 AMG for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 120944)
  8. D

    The purple A beast

    :o Do I have to say it is 'actually my wife's car' :wallbash:?
  9. Howard

    The Purple A class.

    Meet the new addition to Toad Hall ! Just spent the day minting her up , going to swap the rear lights for some late model ones , put on an AMG backbox , and some front and rear mudflaps. It's surprisingly fast . Angela chose it , purple is her favourite colour. ;) Nava Violett Mica ...
  10. stwat

    Purple SLS AMG Anyone?

    A moderator over on the 190 forum spotted these in little London Village the other day! It's, er, individual to say the least :D The Zonda makes me want to do a sex wee:o
  11. D

    Purple C43 AMG ...Looks familier...

    Looks like the new owner is trying to shift this one on..... 1999 MERCEDES C43 AMG RARE LOOK PURPLE!!!!!!!!!! NOT M3 on eBay (end time 13-Jun-10 12:18:24 BST)
  12. nadeem

    ME Control Unit (purple wire snipped) ???

    Hi, This is on my E430 1998, I opened my control units box only to find a purple wire cut from one of the connectors that plug into the ME control unit. Picture attached, No errors in the ME ECU i know the connector is related to the accelerator, because a fault is detected when i...
  13. pammy

    Happy birthday purple goddess and Mr E

    Hope you both have a great day. Hope Paul spoils you rotten Naomi - for a change :D:D:bannana::bannana::bannana:!
  14. S

    Did anyone here buy the purple CL500?

    Anyone here the winner on the purple CL500 (1998) that was on ebay (based in Hackney)?
  15. ckember

    purple parking at heathrow

    I have been using purple parking meet and greet service for a few years, and have generally been very happy with the service. however they have recently started charging a 99p booking fee when paying by credit/charge card. They don't put this charge on the receipt so I cannot claim it back...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Purple tinted numberplates

    I keep seeing rear number plates with a purple tint to them on new cars like MAFF's new motor: Whats the story behind this? is it simply coloured plastic?
  17. Tan

    Purple striped wire

    Hi I am fitting sat nav into my brothers W124 E-class. I need to find the elusive speed pulse. I have found a wire behind the radio that is purple with a lighter purple stripe.....could this be the speed pulse??? Secondly does the APS30 have telephone mute??? If so what pin is it...
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