1. cobra7

    My late & low mileage E55 - putting out some feelers...

    Regretfully, an imminent property purchase may just force me to sell my black beauty so I'm initially seeing if any forum members may be interested? I've owned her for a year, during this time I have spent a sizeable sum sorting out a few issues, some cosmetic and then some mechanical, new...
  2. D

    Issue when putting my foot down. Limp mode?

    Hi everyone, Wondering if somebody can help me with an issue I'm having with a 62 reg W204 C180 Sport Plus. It's happened twice now. Once was whilst I was accelerating after some temporary lights on an empty A road and the second time was whilst putting my foot down going down the slip...
  3. Barker44

    Putting the C63 back to std...

    Im just putting the feelers out to see if there is any interest... No prices yet as the kits on the car. Thinking of handing the car back to Mercedes to help free up some cash on buying a house. This means I'd need to put it back to std... I have a 2014 C63 with Eurocharged 550 tune...
  4. E

    Loss of power and then working after putting box in manual W211 E 320

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, this morning I was driving to work 20-25 mins of mixed roads and when I over took someone then was a loss of power! There then was a loss of power on the journey to work. It was not going over a certain amount or revs and in my opinion was slower, although I...
  5. R

    1988 230TE bang when putting in reverse

    Well I've jumped in and bought my first w124... When I put it into reverse theres a resounding thud.... once its warmed up it doesn't do it? Its very low on service history so I don't have much last info to go on. I'd appreciate any thoughts for a w124 new owner Thanks Rich
  6. T

    Badge removal and putting it back on. help

    I want to remove the badge/emblem, repaint it so it looks like this and then put it back on. My worry is getting it right when putting it back on. How do i make sure its absolutely straight and spaced evenly BLACK REAR BOOT TRUNK LETTER EMBLEM BADGE C63 FOR MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS W204 AMG | eBay
  7. 0

    Who's putting Winter tyres on this winter 2014/15?

    Just thought it would be interesting to see how many people will be using a winter tyre set up this winter.
  8. W

    putting different name/address on V5

    Is it possible for me to buy a car for my father and put his name/address directly on the V5? Or must the details be mine, then transfer the V5 to him? Thanks.
  9. lisa110rry

    Putting the Vario Roof down when it's wet (the roof that is)

    Hello and good afternoon, I've done a search on the Vario Roof but not been able to find the answer to my question. I know that it's stated in the handbook that one shouldn't put the vario roof down when it (the roof) is wet. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to wipe the roof dry because it...
  10. Felstmiester

    Bonds. Are they worth putting money into

    Not sure how it all works. Has anyone used this method for investment ??
  11. O

    Viseeo Bluetooth not putting sound through car speakers

    I've managed to pair my phone with the Viseeo Bluetooth device that replaces the old Nokia 6310i in my car, when I make a call, the phone number and duration etc come up on the Comand screen but I can't hear the call through the cars speakers, I can faintly hear the voice of the caller through...
  12. SilverSaloon

    putting an offer in on a house - the waiting game

    Hi we are currently putting in an offer on a house - this is our 3rd (and stated final offer) to the vendors who have rejected our 2 previous low offers. This offer is still low compared to what they are asking for the house, however we are in a position to proceed straight away since we...
  13. S

    W202 Estate, putting rear seats forward

    I have the rear luggage protector and integral dog guard. I am able to lift the handle on the offside split rear seat and push forward, but not the near side. I have also tried to remove the bar that houses the luggage protector/dog guard but sliding left or right without success. Not much...
  14. Satch

    Putting Hi8 videos onto hard drive

    Last week rediscovered all the Hi8 tapes I had put in a very safe place, so safe I could not find them. Anyhoo the camcorder still works so before it dies want to transfer the tapes on to hard drives. Looked on t'interweb and found a mass of conflicting "advice". Will need a video...
  15. J

    putting personal plate on retention

    Still hoping to buy an SL in the spring so thinking about removing personal plate from my existing car and putting on retention in readiness. Does anyone know how long it will take DVLA to process and send new tax disc / V5 etc etc -anything else I need to know / watch out for ? TIA
  16. L

    Putting the car into neutral with no key

    Is it possible to put the box into neutral without having the key in? And if so... How?
  17. DSLiverpool

    Putting a private plate on the SL

    I had the plate on retention already, went to Chester DVLA office last thursday with V5 and MOT and they gave me a tax disc and new MOT in 15 minutes plus a new reg plate auth form. From the car park I called my insurance and went to halfords to get the plates made and went home to stick them...
  18. JonathanC250

    Sprintbooster putting EPC light on! :(

    Hi everyone, I have just got a Sprintbooster BDD451 from member ZAHID on here, for my C250 TD Auto, when i have plugged it in and started the car, the EPC light is on and there is no response from the pedal or from the control under the bonnet ( where the SB is plugged in) Does anyone...
  19. A

    Putting the word Draft over a document in word

    Hello Wife is typing a document and wants to put Draft across it Its Office 2007 I've switched off and cannot remember. I can do it but a long way round there must be a simple way? Any advice
  20. R

    Planning/costs of putting in a Dormer window?

    Hi All, I noticed there's a few people with building knowledge on here, so thought I'd take advantage of that. I live in the top floor flat of a converted Victorian terrace house in North London, in a conservation area. The flat is in sort of loft space - at the back of the house the...
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