1. S

    Kids and puzzles

    Hi do we have any maths people here questions 2 and 3 doing my nuts as kids won't leave me alone until I solve A Sneaky HELP
  2. MercedesDriver


    I always liked these little puzzles and thought it would be nice starting a thread with this one: He who makes me doesn't want me, He who buys me doesn't need me, He who uses me doesn't care. What am I?
  3. A

    whilst we are posting puzzles.....

    don't know if we've done this one here before, but it's worth another look a game called "Petals Around The Rose" http://www.enc.org/features/focus/archive/inquiry/document.shtm?input=FOC-000711-index and a nice automated version http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games/roses/...
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