1. Spinal

    Freeview PVR

    As some may have seen, I've just swapped to BT infinity... which means I'll be losing my Virgin TV service. Now, I don't watch much TV and while I will miss the history and discovery channels, I can always get sky if really desperate. That said, I do need a freeview box as my tv doesn't...
  2. A

    Advice for a FreeSat standard deff Recorder (PVR)

    Hello For use in a holiday house we have a Freesat box that lets us pick up UK Channels. We wuld like a recorder. It only has one input from the dish so not sure a Hi Deff freesat recorder would do? Can we get a normal Freesat none hi deff recorder? We have looked at a seperate recorder...
  3. scotth_uk

    Anyone here using a computer for PVR functions

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone here is using a pc or mac as a personal video recorder. I'm looking to set myself up, but would like to speak to someone who's done it before. Specifically, I am interested in the methods of controlling the sky box to change channels.
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