1. Oilcan

    C63 Style Quad Exhaust Conversion for C220/250 Cdi W204

    I have for sale ME11 Cobra Exhaust Mercedes C Class (W204) C200 C220 C250 Sport Quad - AMG Style. £479 new accept £250 Genuine C63 Diffuser panel for above exhaust. £120 new accept £50 Genuine MB exhaust heat shields for the Right hand side rear. £60 new accept £30 CKS C63 Syle front...
  2. V

    Has anyone enlarged the openings on the sport rear diffuser for quad tips

    Has anyone modified the stock sport package rear diffuser to accommodate the dual tips? I'd very much love to see a photo to give me a better idea of where I should plan to start the grinding and cutting process. If it wasn't for the rivet setup on our cars, I'd just pull it off for the sake of...
  3. BillyW124

    W215 CL55 AMG quad exhausts

    Complete original system up untill the centre where down pipes meet. This is a spare set i have. The other set is fitted to my CL V12 Bi turb as per pic to show you how it can look. Great mod and will work nicely if you have an AMG rear bumper. I can sell the bumper pictured if needed as i...
  4. T

    Retro Fit Quad Tail pipes for 2009 C280

    I am thinking of replacing the my twin tail pipes on my 2009 C280 for quad set up, like the C63. What is involved and roughly how much would it cost?
  5. A

    Clk350 - quad AMG wanting to install

    Hi all, Clk350 cab and I as looking to get an AMG style quad system put in. I took to a very reputable bespoke exhaust builders and hey said they couldn't do it due to the spare wheel - the CLK's that have (63 etc) don't have the spare wheel so they fit properly. Some companies like CKS...
  6. L

    HTC One X+ Plus Black As NEW in Box Android 64GB 1.7GHz Quad Core Processor Beats

    HTC ONE X+ on o2. Condition: As new - in original box, no scratches or wear Accessories: Original HTC Case, USB Cable, HeadPhones, Sim Tool, Manuals Features: 64GB, 8MP Camera, Beats Sound, 1.7GHz Quad Core Processor, Android, Dropbox Please see the full technical specification on the...
  7. zeemax100

    Quad exhaust wanted

    Hi, new member. I have just bought a 2004 CLK55 AMG and I am looking for some upgrades, Second hand or New if not to expensive! Quad exhaust "think I need bumper mod for it to fit also"? Rear Diffuser Aftermarket grill Splitter Lowering Springs Wide arches?!?!?! Open to other...
  8. zeemax100

    Quad exhaust

    Hi, I have just bought a CLK55 AMG and I am looking for a quad exhaust for the car, I think I need a slightly different bumper to allow the Quad to fit also? Not looking for anything to expensive so be happy for a second hand one. I am also interested in a Diffuser and any other body...
  9. Alex

    W215 CL55K Quad Exhaust

    Original CL55 AMG quad exhaust available for sale, off 2004 CL55 Kompressor with 44k miles. Complete back boxes with tail pipes. Very good condition. £400 Collection from Milton Keynes.
  10. N

    Clk55 quad exhaust

    Only been 2 days since I purchased my clk55 AMG w209 modding has start. I want to get the quad exhaust modification as I think it changes the rear appearance of the car. I want a nice loud roaring sound coming out the V8. Iv read reviews people removing the resonator boxes modifying the x...
  11. M

    Quad exhaust tips on S320 - Fitting advise

    Hi Guys, I purchased the following exhaust tips to fit onto my S320 - I have a genuine S63 rear diffusers which will fit right onto my exisiting rear AMG bumper so that is all fine. I went to a local well known custom exhaust fitter today for them to have a look and quote the work and was...
  12. rossy

    AMG Quad exhaust tips

    Any got a set of original Quad (Twin each side) exhaust Tips? Idealy for a CL 55 K but others considered Thanks
  13. merc85

    w210 5.4 AMG sohc, or quad cam

    Just wondered after having a discussion with a mate, does the w210 5.4 have one cam per bank or two? ie quad cam? Wiki says One cam per bank for the 5.4, and twin for the 5.0
  14. C

    Stainless steel quad exhaust tips

    Torqueflow stainless exhaust tips. Used for less than 500 miles and only removed due to installation of custom exhaust system. Super clean and shiny! Note that these do NOT have any logo embossed onto them! Priced to sell at £75
  15. Dizwen

    C32 quad exhaust...cost/design?

    I love the look of quad exhausts, they just finish the back of the car off perfectly... But what price for a good exhaust with a AMG backbox? I want the AMG exhaust tips. Can I just buy a C55 exhaust and modify the spare wheel holder etc...so it all fits? Do I buy a C32 back box and get a...
  16. J4miejenks

    Amg quad exhaust for c200

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has a quad amg style exhaust system for a c200 saloon. As I have the single exit system now I will require the 'T' piece to make the system dual exit Thanks in advance
  17. J4miejenks

    W204 AMG Quad exit exhaust

    Hi all, Looking to make my c200 a c63 rep, can anyone tell me if the amg c63 OEM exhaust is a direct replacement for the c200 exhaust? If not, I don't want any performance or noise purely for looks, can anyone recommend and off the shelf exhaust quad exit? Seen a couple on eBay. It's a...
  18. P

    Quad exhausts for CLK 240 AMG

    Hi guys, I'm new to this site but found it fantastic and very helpful. I've got a 240 CLK 2003 with an AMG kit. Trying to get an insert for the quad exhaust for my bumper. I know CKS do the insert but was trying to get the part from Mercedes. However, they have stated they need a vin number to...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    My CLK270 CDI with Factory fit AMG kit + Quad Exhausts

    Testing the waters here :thumb: Right where do I start! -2003 W209 CLK270 CDI 'Avantgarde' currently on 111k -Factory fitted AMG kit very few of these available! -Factory fitted AMG springs & shocks -OEM AMG Quad Exhaust -CLK63 AMG Front bumper -55mpg+ on motorway -35mpg+ around town...
  20. G

    C250 CDI Quad Exhaust by CKS Performance

    Evening all, Just thought I would share my experience/results from todays (very rainy) trip to CKS Performance in Watford. I have previously ordered the boot spoiler they offer and thought I would give them a go. I had the C63 Quad Exhaust and Diffuser Package fitted, took about 4 hours to...
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