1. R

    Best place for quality car mats

    I'm looking to buy some for my E Class coupe but I'm not prepared to pay £113 for a set of genuine Mercedes ones. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  2. J

    Harsh ride quality w211 knocking...

    Evening Ladies and Gentleman, I've got a 2006 Pre facelift E320cdi v6 7g I bought in March and it's been a PITA rotten brake pipes, broken rear springs, faulty turbo actuator, swirl flap issues etc etc. It's running sweet now [emoji108] However I have a knocking on rough and uneven surfaces...
  3. V

    204 C63 poor build quality?

    Had my 204 63 saloon for over 2 years now and it's been a good car for the most part but I've had my share of problems.. One of the rear Sachs dampers developed a leak which resulted in me replacing both with oe Sachs dampers. The front track rod had some play so I replaced both sides inner...
  4. J

    Mercedes E-Class S213 (Estate) - Quality Issues

    I have taken ownership of a new 2017 Mercedes E-Class 220D at the end of March. The £50,200 car has been fantastic...for the first 1000 miles. The Good: Consumption average around 46mpg Air suspensions are fantastic. Driving quality is excellent both in Sport+ mode for fun and Comfort for...

    AMG Engine Quality Control?

    Another car with a "Hand built AMG engine" which shows oil leaks. Considering that the emphasis that is put on the the Hand Built sales pitch and the sheer number of AMG engines built, I would have thought that the quality control would have been better. Nearly half the cars that I have looked...
  6. E

    Early '90s G Wagon - Ride Quality?

    What's the ride quality like on an early to mid '90s W463 G Wagon?
  7. L

    MB paint quality???

    Not a moan but more in the nature of a general observation. We've just spent an enjoyable warm few days in the madcap world that is Las Vegas and outside most of the bigger hotels on the Strip were usually parked several high end cars, most finished in black for some reason and all highly...
  8. C

    360 camera image quality problems

    So, I have a 360 camera in my 2014 E300 and I think something is wrong with it. I have looked at a few videos on Youtube and all of them show a great image quality even at night. Mine is half good during the day and absolutely unusable during the night. It is just too dark and the software...
  9. P

    MB paint quality

    Does anyone else think that the mb paint seems really soft and marks easily? Particularly the brilliant blue maybe? My car seems to pick up scratches if I sneeze near it!
  10. M

    w203 Lemforder quality issues

    Hi Guys, Bought all four arms from Eurocarparts for my w203, spent the extra to get Lemforder, 200 miles later, the front bushes are knocking (front silver alloy arms) Luckily I kept the packaging, Lemforder are now made in Turkey?? I thought they were made in Germany, apparently not. :(...
  11. D

    Interior Build Quality on AMG C-Class

    Interested to know how you feel about the interior build quality on C-Class AMG cars versus the standard C-Class range or are they the same? Also read that a bit plasticy but other reports say junior S Class quality!!
  12. D

    Interior build quality C43 AMG

    Hi, Currently own an Audi and curious to know how the Mercedes interior build quality fit and finish etc.. stands up to its competitors. Read a couple of reports that the Merc finish is a bit cheap in places but others say that its a mini S class!!
  13. A

    E280 CDI Sport - 18" Ride Quality....

    Hi to all - I've just purchased my first MB, a W211 E280 CDI Sport Estate with the 18" 10 spoke design. They look the business, but the ride quality is poor as they are 265/35 (yup......35!!) tyres at the rear which is the main source of the problem Therefore 2 questions: 1) Has anyone else...
  14. F

    W205 amg paint quality

    Does anybody know how thick the paint should be on the W205, looking at it in certain light it is very 'orange peel', I measured the thickness of the panel over the rear wheels on the C post and over the doors on both sides and roof is 28 microns, the rest of the car is 150 ish, I'm asured by...
  15. Norte23

    Quality question

    In the dealers earlier today & I over heard a guy talking to a tech. He says to him " is there a way of stopping to seat belt buzzer going off when I'm nipping round the corner to the shop". The tech looks at him stupid & says " yeah mate every car has a way" the guy says "cool how". Tech goes "...
  16. C

    Imasaf exhaust quality?

    Folks I may need a replacement exhaust on my 89 560sec and I have seen the Imasaf range appear on eBay. The ad reads well, however as anyone got any real world experience with this brand? How was fit and quality ? Circa 50% of a genuine MB exhaust. I can't find an eberspacher exhaust for my...
  17. P

    CLS build quality

    Hi All New around here, been snooping about for a few days while I consider my next purchase. Currently have an Audi A5- lovely car but I made the wrong engine choice so I'm bored of it already. Previously used to much faster. So a CLS55 is peaking my interest, the indecent power is...
  18. S

    Poor sound quality when playing music from phone (aux)

    I own a Mercedes CLC 350 2008 that hasn't done many kilometers since it rolled out of the factory. However the sound quality is really poor when I play music through the AUX port from my phone. The same phone/cable combo works perfect in my Skoda Octavia 2010 and the sound is great. However...
  19. W

    Buy good quality parts

    Just a quick update on my car, CLK320 and parts used so far. Having had the experience of the 2 malfunctions on the dashboard about the rear lights not working, checking and changing bulbs numerous times, fitting said bulbs into other vehicles and working ok, I bit the bullet and bought some...
  20. G

    Looking for advice to improve ride quality

    Bought a 10 yrs old merc having 110k on the clock, driving smooth, but the ride isn't very good and making clunk noise over uneven roads. I am looking for some advice to improve the ride quality. thanks in advance. Neo
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