1. tcb180

    E320 CDi Engine Oil Quantity

    There's a firm near to me and who are selling genuine Mercedes Spec oil on Ebay at very good prices. How much will I need to satisfy my 2007 facelift E320 CDi V6 Diesel please? Would 10 litres do it?
  2. A

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec 2011 quantity control valve ?

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the following to engine management codes; P025218 and P025219 both mention the quantity control valve but I am at a loss, no clue what the quantity control valve is. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. G

    C220 CDI Quantity control valve help

    Hi all, I currently own a 2009 C220 CDI and i've been having some troubles recently. A few weeks back, i put my boot down and got an ESP unavailable error and the CEL. I've read the OBD codes and i have P0087 and P0088 which indicates a high and low fuel pressure warning. From what i've...
  4. BIG_G_1979

    engine oil,grade and quantity?

    Hi my dad has a 2011 w212 e250 cdi (2.2 bi-turbo) I think it's om651? Can someone tell me how much oil he needs for an oil change and what grade to use, he was thinking about castrol magatec titanium it's 0w30 thanks in advance
  5. 320Alan

    s210 200 e320 cdi fluid type and quantity wanted?

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help I'm trying to get a list of all the fluids for mybe done ar, namely these plus any I have forgotten about Oil Coolant Brake fluid Auto box fluid Sls/power steering I plan to service the car soon I have ordered up air, oil, fuel & cabin filters plus...
  6. E270 Owner

    CDI Quantity Control Valve Y/94 A646 074 0084

    Over stock ........... a few available. Mercedes Quantity Control Valve Y/94 A646 074 0084 A6460740084 | eBay .
  7. Carrsey

    Transmission oil quantity.

    2003 CLK270 CDi 5 speed auto. Can any tell me the quantity of trans oil required for a full change.
  8. M

    CLK 320 plug quantity?

    Can somebody please confirm for me how many plugs does a 320 V6 have? I was having a tinker and general good clean of my new stead yesterday and unless i'm having a blond moment (which would be difficult as I have no hair at all) it appears that there are 12 plugs on these engines. Each coil...
  9. B

    Dealer Interim Servicing - Oil Quantity and Air Filters

    Passing on 2 tips just incase.... 1) Got my Viano 3.0 CDI v6 dealer serviced to keep FSH but I supplied my own oil (as I got the same stuff cheaper) and they only used 8.5 litres of the 10 litres I gave them. If they supply the oil as they normally do, they charge for 10 litres - this is...
  10. mark.t

    unknown quantity

    is it possible to be a unknown quantity after 260 posts....I did prefer the improve bit ...that comes with the red square...BUT NOT COMPLAINING only explaining.....I think this is a great system if used properly just thought their might be a different label for going green again ....so I guess I...
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