1. twinstar

    W210 estate, quartz blue

    I have a 2000 E class avantgarde estate in quartz blue (w208 clk colour). Never seen one in this colour before and its not listed in the colour options for that year. Is it a designo option? Its a nicely specced low mileage car but nothing else , interior, etc would point to it being a designo car.
  2. L

    Polish angel or Quartz any good?

    Picking up my new car in a couple of weeks and was going to get it detailed and a glass coat put on any recommendations to what I should get done?Looked at polish angel and quartz so far.Looking to spend around £500 for the work and a 3 year protection.Car is an A45 AMG in mountain grey.Cheers.
  3. clk208

    Beautiful W208 CLK320 facelift in quartz metallic blue with black leather

    My hunt for a CLS ( http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/131412-very-elusive-cls.html ) has ended so a lovely CLK now available for sale. Photos to follow. Key details: Owned by me since 2006 100,380 miles 5 speed auto/tiptronic Facelift model with indicators in wing mirrors...
  4. buccal

    Quartz Blue E55

    Never seen this colour (same as my clk) on a w210 before, let alone an E55: Buy a used MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS Car - Auto Trader UK Not quite sure whats going on with the badges on the boot though...
  5. aka$h

    My CLK230 Cabriolet, Quartz Blue

    Updated Photo's
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