1. R

    Bluetooth audio query

    I have just bought a 2008 (2008- onwards series) SL 350 which has command with Bluetooth telephony enabled and working. Can any one tell me if I can enable Bluetooth audio via engineer mode as not in menu and will it work or do I need to purchase a dongle to plug into my armrest box connection...
  2. C

    Quick ncd query

    I pick up my E63 Estate (a little bit excited!!) this afternoon and just in process of sorting insurance. I currently have 15yrs ncd and when on comparethemarket the quote is coming out the same price if I tell them only have 10yrs ncd. If I take the insurance out using 10yrs ncd does this...
  3. U

    W164 ML Tailgate query

    Hi all, I have a problem with the tailgate on my ML. The powered part no longer works and its due to something I did :wallbash: One of the lifting arm bolts broke so I drilled out the old bolt, fitted new ones and then put the arm back on. Now it no longer opens electrically. I had it...
  4. A

    Private Road query - issue with neighbouring property

    Any property law experts (or pointers to anyone that is knowledgeable in this area)? The road that we live in a private road (not maintained by the council). A neighbouring property has just applied to the council to relocate their vehicular access from the main road and into our road. This...
  5. Gaz74

    C32 AMG anti roll bar diameter query.

    Hi, I need new ARB bushes on the front of my car and after searching, I thought that the bar should be 22mm thick. I've just measured the one on the car and it's 20mm thick, so has it got the wrong (or a regular W203) anti roll bar in place? Can anyone confirm the thickness it should be...
  6. T

    E270 cdi Limp Mode Query

    Hi. I have a 2003 E270CDI (W211) which has covered 120K miles with full dealer history until 112k. Intermittently it goes into limp mode, usually when cold but not always. When warmed up a stop and ingnition reset does the trick. However after driving on the motorways today it went into limp...
  7. Campoos90

    Presentation to the MBClub. w204 c220cdi query!?

    Alternator belt noise on w204? - c220cdi coupe Hi guys I have been hearing a very particular noise that I think that comes from the alternator belt. (Similar to an air leak). Is that normal? I have seen some videos on youtube and they sound pretty much the same... Thanks Campoos90
  8. Gaz74

    W203 lower front arm query

    Hi all, I'm in need of a pair of front lower suspension arms for my C32 and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the arms are the same on all variants of the 203 chassis and my AMG doesn't have uprated arms or something silly? Thanks very much.
  9. J

    2015 C250 AMG-Line BlueTec - AdBlue Query

    Hi guys, Currently looking at a potential purchase on a 2015 C250 AMG-Line BlueTec. My main query is around the AdBlue tank. The car has currently covered 14k miles. I cover on average approx 8k miles a year. How frequent would I be expected to top-up the system? Thanks,
  10. J

    Vito battery /charging query.

    Hi All, am after some advice regarding charging points on my Vito 120 2008. Am I correct to assume that they are in engine bay ,one positive terminal in black fuse box the negative on the right and wing body? Can I connect a charger to these points-will it be safe? Also, if I fitted...
  11. secondmerc

    Driver package query

    My C63 Coupe S (on a 2yr business lease) should be arriving in about 3 weeks or so. I've got a couple of questions about the AMG drivers package though. Firstly, that I've understood correctly, I get time on the track at a circuit, in another (not mine) C63? Also, if so, that I could...
  12. T

    W208 CLK Wind Deflector query

    Just a to ask if anyone has a wind deflector and knows how they install / remove. I have a 2001 CLK 230 and after buying it a few years ago I also bought the original Mercedes 208 Wind Deflector. At the weekend I fitted it for the first time. Works great and very pleased, HOWEVER, I went to...
  13. S

    Command and Text message query

    I have command in my 2012 W212, think it is ntg4.5. I can get text messages displayed and read out, nut the option to call sender and a few others are greyed out. Any idea why this is? Also, is it possible to reply to texts within command via voice? thanks
  14. O

    New w176 owner cruise control query

    Hi all, new to this car, have a few questions that i need answering so wil ltry to get them all in the correct places. im looking to retrofit the cruise control onto an 2015 (65) A180d, can someone provide me a list of parts that are required, in particular Mercedes part numbers, so i can...
  15. B

    Cabriolet Query

    Not only new to this site, but also new to MB, so looking for some advice please. The old Honda is now looking to move on and am considering a cabriolet. Possibly 2010 /2012 with up to 65k on the clock. I am aware of the power difference between the E class 2 & 3 litre models ( need the 4...
  16. T

    Aclass 2006 audio upgrade query :)

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if the mercedes Be7036 unit from a E220 with the number :A2118702604001 , will fit a 2006 Aclass and if so what apart from the unit will i need . thanks;), really appreciate your help kind regards Jan
  17. wongl

    W169 NTG 2.5 Map query

    Does anyone know if there is a Hong Kong map for the W169 NTG2.5 sat nav? If so, can this map be installed on an european NTG2.5? Thanks
  18. R

    W209 airbag query

    Hi folks. I purchased a w209 c220cdi which has had an offside impact causing the drivers door and o/s curtain to deploy. Also activated was the n/s rear pax seat belt tensioner. I've replaced the drivers door which had sustained the brunt of the impact, also replaced the curtain airbag, door...
  19. dad4geer

    Linguatronic query!

    I set it up on the weekend and tried various commands like "play from USB", "start navigation.." , "Cancel route guidance"..etc. and they all worked fine. Today while I was listening to a song and I wanted it to go back 2 minutes. Being a user of Apple TV where I do this so many times watching a...
  20. adrianlobont

    Tracking/wheel alignment query

    Hi guys, I'm planning to get a new set of tyres fitted on the rear end, do I have to do a wheel alignment for the rear ?
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