1. Psilonaught

    Questions about the ECU controlled exhaust on E63

    still early in my ownership of an E63, so still getting used to it. Today i noticed that the exhaust volume on start up, and for around 10 seconds was nice and loud, and then it dropped by about half. I sounded like a flap or valve was suddenly closing. I have read on here and elsewhere...
  2. L

    E63 M157 exhaust questions

    I know there's been some discussion in various threads about different exhaust options but I wanted to try and consolidate everything. So as I understand it, these are the options: 1. Remove the resonators and replace with either a straight through pipe on either side, an X pipe or an H pipe...
  3. Piff

    Weight loss questions

    Over the last 5 or so years I've developed middle aged spread/grown a beer gut:o. Would like to shed about 10kg (possibly a bit more) I've signed up at a local gym and have had a couple of sessions on cardio machines (rowing, cycling, treadmill, etc). So far I've been doing 10 minute hits on...
  4. M

    Newbie questions

    Hi guys. Just bought a 2013 E350 Blue efficiency AMG Coupe. I don't have The Navigation Module. Is it as simple as buy the module, seen them on EBay, and plug and play? If so where do I plug? Also is it hard to install the backup camera? Loving my Mercedes-Benz Thanking you Mark Sent...
  5. L

    Questions for the dealer

    It's now only two unbearable days until I pick up my brand new mercedes from the dealer. Given I last bought a car 12 years ago I am most definitely a little behind the new fangled times. Apologies if this is elsewhere (I couldn't find) but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on...
  6. mark44

    Pre-Track day questions

    Hi, My lovely wife has booked me a training/trackday at Silverstone. Needless to say, I'm VERY excited! I had a couple of questions as I've not done a day at a 'proper' race track, or taken such a coveted car as my c63. I'm not bothered about being the fastest thing on the track (I'm sure I...
  7. G

    Retrofitting Illuminated Door Sills - questions

    I just bought a new pair of illuminated door sills for my A200 coupé - wasn't easy to find, particularly at about a ¼ of MB listed price. So far so good ... Went on WIS, found and printed retrofit instructions (AZ82.20-P-0001AK), and it is frightening to say the least - half the car needs to...
  8. H

    Initial introduction and a few questions

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. My way of introduction my name is Hoshil and I live in London. I currently drive a W211 E240 avant-garde on an 03 plate and I love the thing! My mates call it the Taxi for obvious reasons! I've had a bug recently to chop it in for a E55/63 but tbh the prices...
  9. jonnyboy82

    2010 W204 Command questions?

    Hi all, just got myself an 60 plate c220 cdi sport saloon and I am loving it so far. With regard to he command head unit I have a few questions: 1. Can I stream Bluetooth with my iPhone 6s! 2. DVD playing whilst in motion be unlocked? 3. How do I connect my iPod? Many thanks in advance...
  10. S

    E63 Wagon purchase, few questions...

    Gents, I am seriously looking at a used 2014 E63 Wagon purchase. Having just sold my W204 PP C63 Coupe I am aware that Merc don't always stay on top of the various updates issued. For example, my C63 was missing a transmission software update despite buying from a good main Merc dealer...
  11. geek

    New E Coupe - Questions

    Hi everyone, A few questions if I may.... Has anyone bought the new E Coupe 220d and if so, what is your view of it please? Does it have Magic Vision as standard? With 360 camera, does it use the same button as the normal parking assist? Thanks in advance...
  12. JohnDavies

    Self-Driving Cars Raise Questions About Who Carries Insurance

    Self-Driving Cars Raise Questions About Who Carries Insurance? Self-Driving Cars Raise Questions About Who Carries Insurance : All Tech Considered : NPR
  13. Stratman

    Another one of those 'Why' questions

    Why do Mercedes use superchargers on petrol engines (AMG Bi turbos excepted) but turbos on diesels?
  14. D

    Newbie with W213 annoying questions! :-)

    Hi everyone, and thanks for letting me be a member of the group. Ive just got a 17 plate W213 in Obsidian Black and its a great car, but with a couple of annoyances which i hope someone can assist by telling me how to fix! The tyre pressures on the service screen are measured in kPa. Can I...
  15. CLSMark

    Hello new CLS Grand edition owner here, lots of questions!!!

    First it's my first merc, I've had all the German marques, so far not disappointed, anyway, questions Can the auto locking be deactivated, if so, how? Can the optional 2 cup holders extra be retrofitted ? Is there any guides for changing the interior bulbs? Can some kind person link me the...
  16. S

    New A45 381 bhp Differences ? And other few questions

    Hey people Long time no speak but might be on a hunt for a A45 AMG (or a GLC) to replace my C220 Coupe. So have a few questions I know the face lift model has extra 21 bhp... and a few cosmetic changes but how have Mercedes gained the extra power ? Is it just threw the ECU or is the...
  17. maxypriest

    W124 rear sub frame uprate and refurb questions

    With 105k miles and 27 years under her belt 460ft/lbs is beginning to show the failings of the old rear end – she needs a refurb. I have got myself another sub-frame so the plan is to beef that up and fit new arms and LCA bushes. While it’s off I’ll fit some larger E280 brakes a 210mm 2.65...
  18. T

    Comand questions

    On My New wagon (2007 Vito Sport X 204 ) I have command but no user manual so touching and feeling my way round it , in the absence of a manual I have a couple of questions Heres the Installation below questions so far Satnav wants the Disc in to work, so when the Disc is in how do I play a...
  19. F

    Hi new member with a couple of questions.

    Hi I'm new to the club recently bought a e430. Just looking for some help to identify the colour and what primer needs to be used thank you.
  20. C

    Random questions and thoughts about my new E300 hybrid

    So I've done close to 600 miles in my new E300 Hybryd and wanted to share a few thoughts about it and also ask a few questions. Is it just me or is the gear lever counter intuitive to use? I feel like pressing forward should be Drive and pulling backwards should be reverse, but it's the...
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