1. C

    Quick ncd query

    I pick up my E63 Estate (a little bit excited!!) this afternoon and just in process of sorting insurance. I currently have 15yrs ncd and when on comparethemarket the quote is coming out the same price if I tell them only have 10yrs ncd. If I take the insurance out using 10yrs ncd does this...
  2. bob6600

    Are you as quick as Bottas?

    Let's see :thumb: https://f1-start.glitch.me/ 00.196 for me (so far:D )
  3. clk320x

    Quick q

    Applied SRP to remove watermarks Wax or no wax after SRP? Cheers
  4. B

    Quick question about telematics

    Sorry if this is a naive question. I have a SL 400 on order. I haven't opted for the convinience telephony option as I can't see much point in it. So my understanding is that just by plugging in my iPhone to the USB port will give the same functions as my current 6-series and that is telephony...
  5. M

    Quick question on W210 saloon rear head restraints

    My pre-facelift W210 saloon seems to like finding me jobs to do, so before something else unexpectedly jams I thought I'd better check how the rear headrest release is supposed to work. At present, you pull the headrests up until they click, and when you press the release button on the dash...
  6. ZeeDee

    Quick hello. Looking for a C63 Coupe W204

    Hi chaps, great forum you have here. I've just sold my Audi TTS after taking a ride in my mates C63 estate last month (expensive mistake that was lol). After getting back in the TTS it just didn't do it for me anymore so I've decided to take the plunge and get a nice C63 coupe. I can't get the...
  7. David404

    Quick wash.

    Quick wash a brush up today. Needs full detail and TBH could do with some paint correction but not too shabby. Colinite holding up well from last Sept.
  8. B

    hello to everyone and a quick E300 hybrid question

    Hello to everyone from me, a new member. We are on our 3rd MB now and to date have been very pleased with the cars we have had in the family, one of the original A Class (3 years ownership), a CLK (10 years ownership) and now an E300 Hybrid Estate (8 months ownership). They have all had their...
  9. lisa110rry

    Just a quick hello

    Hi chaps, I've been less forthcoming with comments recently because I've been very busy at work and stressed to the 'nth' degree by a planned move which will mean that my weekly commute for the past ten years is apparently going to become my daily commute. Will be taking professional legal...
  10. jon.english68

    quick polish and she looks much better

    well having picked up my new to me C220 Coupe last Saturday I was a little disappointed in the way the car was presented, in fact the dealer hadnt even cleaned it :wallbash: so yesturday I spent a couple of hours polishing it and it is looking much better now :thumb: Oh and I also fitted my...
  11. T

    Fellow W212 owners - Quick check please? (especially if you have rattles!)

    Hi All I have a 61 plate W212 and was hoping someone could check something for me, I took my car into the dealer as I had a intermittent rattle on rough road surfaces, they took a lot of the trim apart and advised it was one of my middle air vents. I have 2 issues: 1) I'm not sure their...
  12. Aibonator

    Credit or Debit Quick Question

    Have to pay a fairly hefty deposit for the PCP next Friday so I can collect the car first thing the following Monday (Halloween and all). With a deposit for a PCP is there any protection the credit card gives you over debit should there be something wrong with the car and you decide to...
  13. E

    Quick pat on the back for a workshop. South Coast:

    My 2012 PPP C63 was due a B service and transmission flush in a couple of months (I'm at 31k miles currently) but i normally get the jobs done early so I know everything is A-Ok. I got the obligatory quote from MB and nearly choked at a £1050 bill for a job that didn't even include plugs or...
  14. S

    Quick TPMS question

    Checked my TP's when i bought the car 2wks ago, and the Tp's were ok, around 37 psi all round. Checked them again today and they had fallen to around 30, so topped to 39, which is is the recommended pressures for my wheel size. I reset the TPMS, but not sure if it correct as it stated...
  15. N

    2001 CLK320 Avantgarde (W208) - need quick sale

    Hi. I have another car coming at the end of the week so I need to unfortunately let my CLK320 go :( . I've had it for around 12 months and it's been perfect. All it needed in my time is the oil change and petrol. It's a great car and it's a shame to see it go but needs must - I just don't have...
  16. C

    Head bolts dealer quick fire question

    Hi all had a few low coolant alerts so took the car into mb full warranty so wanted to check it out. They stripped down the engine to check bolts arent snapped can i ask them to replace them for new ones? And do i request new gaskets? How much are the bolts? Cheers
  17. M

    E280 sport cdi - Quick MPG Question.

    Hi, does my fuel consumption sound ok. I just want to be sure its not lower than normal. I have the 7g autobox, 2007 e280 cdi sport saloon with 124k. I reset the fuel consumption gauge whilst already on the motorway, so this is just cruising at an average of 62mpg, over 75 miles it averaged...
  18. flango

    AMG CLS55 quick question

    Got a pal considering the above looking at 2006 -2008 vintage. Thing is he does 30k miles a year. Any issues apart from the fuel expense which in his case will go down as he is running a full fat range rover V8 Do these cars engines take big mileages. Any weak points to look out for? Any...
  19. Hawkwind

    How To Get Windows 7 Back! Be Quick Only One Month

    If anyone out there is not happy with Windows 10, I found a tutorial on how to get Windows 7 back. Be quick, there is a one month deadline from the point at which it was installed. I have not tried this yet, as the process takes 1-2 hours and of course you do this at your own risk...
  20. V

    Quick scrubup and video

    https://youtu.be/vjZfQCigCgw SL63 Can I save this in my album?
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