1. BTB 500

    Satnav shootout ... who will get home quicker?

    Late Sunday afternoon. Pouring rain. A field near the New Forest. An S203 with COMAND sets off for the 60 mile drive home with Mrs BTB at the controls. Five minutes later I leave in the Vito, guidance courtesy of TomTom. I got back 30 mins before she did :thumb: :bannana:
  2. clk208

    Used CLS SB / estate becoming cheap quicker than expected

    So I was doing the usual car daydreaming for when the time comes to upgrade my W219 CLS and noticed that the W218 shooting brake models seem to be dropping quicker than I expected. One independent retailer down in the south appears to have the market cornered in the non-main dealer CLS SB...
  3. Bobby Dazzler

    Deliveries quicker than ever

    Just recently I've noticed that deliveries from online retailers are getting quicker than ever, with just the standard free delivery. At 2120 on Friday night I ordered a couple qi wireless chargers from Amazon with standard free delivery. They arrived at 1330 today, on a Sunday, just 1.5 days...
  4. H

    Quicker steering box to W114 powered by M104 3,2

    I was on the race track yesterday with my Coupe to make a base test of what's working and what needs to be improved. Car is really fast with rebuilt suspension and brakes but the steering could be quicker. Is there a quicker steering box from some other model to be fitted in W114? Thinking of...
  5. W

    Quicker autobox shifting cls 55 amg?

    Anyone fitted this or similar. Transmission TCU Upgrade AMG CLS55 Transmission TCU Upgrade AMG CLS55 [TCU-E-219] - £399.00 : CKS Performance I must admit, having now spent time with the car, the gear change can be frustratingly slow, slower than my old 530. Is there something that could...
  6. Stratman

    118mpg Ford laps Nurburgring quicker than an Enzo

    To showcase their new 1 litre, 3 cylinder eco engine, Ford tuned it a bit (205bhp :eek:) put it in a Formula Ford chassis, made it road legal and took it to the Nurburgring. It recorded the 11th fastest lap ever.
  7. jumperjohn

    My car is quicker than the new M5 and SL63!

    .........and could almost keep up with a Ferrari 599 GTB! It's not quicker in the 0-60 mph times or top speed but quicker in the most important and often forgotten 50-70mph times. As per Autocar testing, 50-70 mph is recorded in top gear (*kickdown with an automatic) and demonstrates a...
  8. 230K

    Why does boiled bottled water cool quicker?

    Hi I have noticed this before, tea/coffee made from bottled water seems to cool much quicker than tea/coffee made from tap water. Anyone else noticed this?? Anyone have an explanation as to why?? Oh the joys of holidays. 230k
  9. Thmsshaun

    Which is quicker??

    So whats the better car to have C43, E55 How do they compare for performace etc???
  10. Brian WH

    Quicker Mercs AT Your Service

    Anyone seen this, and where can it be? "Quicker Mercs At Your Service Formula One-style high-speed servicing is set to be launched by Mercedes this month - and it could go nationwide if it's a hit. Five men will spend 45 minutes working on a car, instead of one taking far longer...
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