1. flowrider

    Which is the quickest AMG?

    Carwow video head to head on AMG's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-HAJ9x70HE
  2. AMGBlack

    Fastest and Quickest Mercedes Benz in the world

    CLK63 AMG Blackseries, with a Weistec Engineering Supercharger sets a world record of 9.16 for Qtr Mile. :eek: Fastest and Quickest Mercedes Benz In The World [WEISTEC] - YouTube
  3. The _Don

    Weistec Engineering - The World's Fastest and Quickest AMG 63 / M156

  4. Steve_B

    Forget expensive detailing, quickest way to clean a CLS

    LiveLeak.com - This is how you wash the interior of Mercedes CLS
  5. CLK 320 AMG

    Quickest puncture?

    Hey guys. The story goes like this........ I had 2 new tyres put on the rear of my CLK this morning at about 10:15 and I drove for about 13 miles to my first appointment and by 11:00 I had a large bolt (about 20mm head) imbedid in the near side rear tyre :doh: Lets hear your stories then...
  6. HughJarse

    Whats the quickest way to learn spanish?

    As topic says... any suggestions from people that has worked? Ive tried various tapes and methods such as Michel Thomas and Rosetta Stone, but can't seem to find a one that works for me! Any suggestions?
  7. A

    Quickest mod I have ever done? 5 mins....

    Hello Reading another thread I had forgot I even had the number plate surround, so just poped out and added it to my car. Idealy I will change the plate so the plate has no holes and the surround is fixed to car but for now I like it :) Before... After 5 mins just now......
  8. Shude

    Family cars 'depreciate quickest'

    Just heard this on the radio 2 business news: Here is the page on BBC's news site: Family cars 'depreciate quickest' It's not like we didn't know it, but it's nice to be reminded isn't it? :)
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