1. J

    Need parts for the Merc?? GSF - buy it now quickly...

    Just got an email 35% off all parts this weekend Use code car35 at checkout for 35% off. Can use for click and collect. This is a really good offer if you choose the premium/oem parts.
  2. MancMike

    Brakes quickly fade

    Hi, On occasions where I do some heavy repeated braking, I've found the brakes fade very quickly. It's as if they're poorly cooled. The alloy wheel is warm and I can feel the heat from the discs, so they're getting screaming hot, but heat isn't able to easily dissipated. Is this typical, for...
  3. abecketts

    this should be snapped up quickly w124 E280 sportline

    1994 Mercedes W124 S124 E280 Estate with Sportline options | eBay loom and head gasket done, was once retailed by a certain Mr Froome and baring the rear panel damage seems rather together to me. Offers around £1695 Thoughts?
  4. ScottBacon

    Is my engine getting hot too quickly ?

    Yesterday was a nice day with temps around 16 degrees or so. I was only pootling around in the car going here and there, nothing fast and furious, no standing still in traffic etc. My speed was between 10mph and 30mph driving around an estate type area. I had my drivers side window down and...
  5. I

    Lovely 190, surely must go quickly?

    1989 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.0 Automatic | eBay Just look at that lovely knobbly steering wheel!!!
  6. guydewdney

    This'll make the detailer's hair stand on end.....

    Just washed my car - starting with the wheels. Utterly filthy, black with dust, mud, poo, you name it. Cleaned the spilt veg oil off with Simoniz Alloy Cleaner (black bottle - seems to be an end of line product). OK so far? Yeah - so I tried it on the spilt oil around the filler cap. Wow -...
  7. Dieselman

    How To remove an engine quickly

  8. D

    Quickly sorted

    A friend had someone run into the back of her old fiat punto at 16.00 hrs. At 17.00 hrs she had a call from the other party's insurance co. who arranged a loan car for her by 18.00hrs.At 18.30 they rang back to see if the loan car was ok ( an Audi A4).They asked what damage had her car...
  9. C

    W114 indicators flash too quickly in cold weather

    Hi, My indictors flash too quick in cold weather. Colder it is, quicker they flash. As the car warms up the indicators gradually slow down to normal speed. All the bulbs work. I wire wooled all 4 bulb holders but no joy. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. D

    Keyless Go batteries run down quickly?

    I put fresh batteries in both keys a year ago when I bought the car (just a precaution) and all worked fine until about a month ago when things went awry. I get "key still in vehicle" when I am getting into the car and "key not detected" when I try to start it. No warning about the batteries...
  11. clk208

    W208 320 idling a bit quickly on cold start

    Noticed my CLK was idling a bit quickly on the first start today - around 1300rpm. After about 30secs it dipped down to a more normal fast idle of around the 1000rpm mark. Other than this car is running fine, MPG good and no other symptoms. Once warmed up settled to the usual sub 700 rpm...
  12. O

    W124 220E - Changes gears too quickly and won't kick-down

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in the forum. I have recently acquired a 1993 W124 220E. I got it from my father in law, it needs some work which I am starting to get to. There is a problem with the transmission, it pulls off perfectly but then proceeds to shift directly into 4th gear and...
  13. H

    Abbey National - How quickly fraudsters take advantage

    Like hundreds of thousands of Abbey account holders, I'm affected by this problem. BBC News - Abbey accounts affected by error After reading about it this morning, I got an email this afternoon, telling me there's a system problem and that I need to logon and reenter my acount details. I...
  14. Sprint-Man

    Help wanted and quickly please?

    I'm going to look at a 03 plated C180K SE tomorrow, has anyone got advice on this model PLEASE? Sorry to be so terse but the vehicle has just gone on sale and I want to be prepared and maybe buy?
  15. O

    Video how to seat quickly a tyre back on the rim

    Video how to quickly sit a tyre back on the rim Interesting quick way of putting a tyre back in place The smart way, using aerosol Interesting Tire Repair Technique - Video The dumb way using liquid (petrol?) YouTube - Interesting Tire Repair Technique
  16. C

    w208 boot lid opens too quickly

    Hi No problem with it working using the remote, key or interior button, BUT, when opening it flies up so quickly I fear it's going to come off or get bent. Can the springs be adjusted? if so, how do i acces them? Thanks
  17. Howard

    How quickly can Olly change 16 plugs ?

    Ok , for all those attending the GTG at PCS , we are going to have a little bet .... I need a new set of plugs in my V8 CLK , the last time Olly tried to change a set of plugs against the clock ( on my old V6 CLK , 12 plugs ) events beyond our control stopped us ... but he was flying ... ;)...
  18. D

    How quickly things change

    Hi - had a really wierd experience this weekend, thought I would mention it. We used to live in Bristol, but moved north three and a half years ago. We reguarly go back as my partners family lives there, as does my step-sons Dad. For the first time we got to go out in the city on saturday...
  19. Dieselman

    Taxi for getting to the airport quickly

  20. kbhogalW126

    Need a cheap car quickly for a couple of weeks!

    Folks, circumstances mean that i need a cheap, reliable saloon to use until the end of the month. i want to spend about £500 on it as my new car will arrive after i get back from holiday in september. i only need to run it until september 2nd and then im away until the 18th. does anyone...
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