1. M

    HOWTO: Install MB QuickParc Reversing Sensors on a W169

    I successfully installed the Mercedes QuickPark system to my 2007 W169 A-Class, saving me the £600 quoted by MB to install the system. You will need: Mercedes QuickParc System for W169 - B6 7 82 3816 Spray paint and lacquer for for vehicle colour 20mm hole saw bit small drill bit for pilot...
  2. M

    A-Class (W169) QuickParc reversing Sensors

    Just got a quote for fitting the QuickParc system from my local dealer, they have quoted £665 for it :eek: (5 hours labour). My last car (Ford Focus) I fitted a kit to myself, now if I buy the complete kit online...
  3. M

    Quickparc - W208 facelift

    Does anyone know if this can still be purchased through a dealer and whether it is still possible to get the vehicle specific kit for my car? Cheers M
  4. J

    Fitting Quickparc to a 1999 W202

    Hi I have bought the Quickparc basic kit (B678 234 01)and am waiting for the W202 fitting kit (B6 782 3402). Has anyone actually retrofitted this toa W202 at home? If so, was it difficult and where did you mount the speaker LED indicator? Chers Joe
  5. S

    Quickparc for ML

    I am looking to fit 'Quickparc' to the back of my 2003 ML270 The MB part number for "Quickparc" is: B6 782 3401 Can somebody please tell me the part number for the vehicle specific kit (w163 2001-2005): B6 782 34** Thankyou Pascal
  6. Koolvin


    Does anybody have the old A class accessory book? I am after the quickparc vehicle specific kit part number I already have the main unit. Cheers.
  7. M


    Does anyone know the Mercedes part numbers for quickparc for a C class W203 for the rare of the car and how much it costs?
  8. S

    Anybody interested in a Quickparc group buy?

    A friend of mine had Quickparc fitted on her car. It was done by a company used by one of the London dealers. I called the guy and got the following prices. To supply & fit and bezels (or whatever they are called) will be sprayed to your car colour code: £245 + Vat (only 1 unit in the...
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