1. Palfrem

    Half a million quid for a G Wagen

    http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/ ... rs/473802 That's PLUS VAT! VED and first reg. So well in excess of £600K Surely not!
  2. H

    Is it possible to make a few quid on the new C63 AMG

    Guys, Been reading these boards for years but never signed up until now. So I own a couple of Merc have a new C class just a standard c220 sport and also have my trusted smart car that never lets me down and off course my Porsche GTS.. Now of these compare the the C63 which I had the...
  3. poormansporsche

    what 750 quid gets you nowadays ...

    Stunning Mercedes c280 sport ( must see!) | United Kingdom | Gumtree Seems super value to me especially considering the arch spats alone are worth 100 quid ! :)
  4. developer

    Got A Few Quid Spare? - Go On, You Know You Want To

    Nice colours too :thumb:. 2008 (57) MERCEDES-BENZ McLaren SLR Roadster For Sale in Preston - Amari Super Cars GB
  5. poormansporsche

    18" OZ Opera Genuine 2 Piece - £150 quid !!!!

    like it says 4 x 18" Operas in need of refurb, straight and true, missing 1 bolt, couple of bolts may need drilling out. 4 x barely legal 235/40/18's 5 x 112 , width probably 8" all round, dunno about et Would be stunning once done ! £150 quid collected from South East London P.s all 4...
  6. smoothrider

    quick!! MINT W126 chromes 200 QUID

    Mercedes SE / SEL W126 Bumper Chrome For Sale in Galway : ?250 - DoneDeal.co.uk someones gonna be a happy chappy
  7. guydewdney

    Carsoft mercedes 15 quid each!

    Carsoft Mercedes Benz 7.4 | eBay have bought one - turned up in its bag, new as far as I can see, CD with software on it, plugged into my 1998 E300TD and it read the codes perfectly (on the engine - havent tried anything else, dont see why it shouldnt work) comes with 38 pin, obd, sprinter...
  8. poormansporsche

    best android tablet for 100 quid ????

    Any recommendations ? Just for the kids so don't have to be spot on. Cheers Brett
  9. poormansporsche

    Project 190E 400 quid ebay special to 3.2 beast W.I.P

    Alright, after owning my 190 for a year now thought id better pull my finger out and get something down. So had a completely seperate project on the go and we saw a nice looking (but unloved) 190E 2.6 Sportline on ebay locally with a starting bid of 400 quid. I was umming and arring whether...
  10. G

    600 Quid Detail !!

    Hi all, was reading through some of the posts for DIY detailing. I have a black CLK 320 coupe (W209) and was recently quoted 600 big ones for a 14hour detail and paint correction using swissvax products. Now, no doubt it will look the dogs danglies after he's finished with it, and he does...
  11. BillyW124

    1400 quid for the mono's W/0 the SEC!

    1987 MERCEDES-BENZ SEC SERIES 500 SEC FH 2dr Auto Coupe
  12. R

    50 quid for a bulb???

    Had my car back to the dealer for a couple of issues It got a new suspension arm and a re-alignment It also got a new xenon bulb --- a receipt for parts was left in the car and shows the bulb came in at £49!! How come?? I've seen xenon bulbs on ebay at a quarter of the price Cheers Vic
  13. Tiff

    21 year old 250 Quid Benz Euro tour

    1 week and 2500 miles through 5 countries in a 250 quid W124 200e,taking in Bremen,Nurburgring,Koblenz,Brussels etc. The car was my car,bedroom,dining room and van all in one, never missed a beat the entire journey,and averaged over 37MPG on 100MPH+ Autobahn dashes,15km traffic jams, and rush...
  14. BaldGuy

    Brabus ML Alloys for 300 quid!!!

    Mercades ML Jeep 18" Genuine Brabus 2 Piece Alloys on eBay (end time 07-Mar-10 19:55:41 GMT)
  15. D

    Got a couple of spare quid?

    Hey all, My daughter is finally running her first (and probably last :cool:) marathon with her husband. She's been wanting to do one all her life, but finally has the time to do it. The charity is : Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)GazaAppeal She's just set up the just giving page last...
  16. reflexboy

    What's going on here then-Alloys for a quid?

  17. scotth_uk

    Anyone need another 320GB of external for 80 quid?

    Hi All, Just noticed a good deal on an external Seagate USB hard disk today in Curry's Digital (formerly Dixons)..... http://www.seagate.com/products/retail/external/usb The 320GB model is going for 79.99 which I think is absolutely excellent value. Interesting to note that Seagate are...
  18. mark.t

    £6000 quid zymol

    check out auto express page 66 £6000 F***ing quid :crazy: but you get refills for life ;) or for as long as you own the car ,,,,,
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