1. Mactech

    Is 'Quiet' tarmac more economical?

    I think we all agree that the quiet road surfaces on some new roads have benefits for those living next to busy roads and for drivers enjoying a much quieter car on those stretches. Going from a old concrete dual carriage way to quiet tarmac is like hitting the mute button in most cars. It's...
  2. brucemillar

    Just the job for those quiet Kent lanes.

    Humvee Jeep ( ex US Army). UK road registered. | eBay
  3. W

    Standard exhaust quite quiet

    Hi there I was just wondering if there is any way of making the stock exhaust of a clk240 have abit more growl? I previously had 4 BMWs and there's a golf tee mod for the back valve or have the resonator removed. So curious is there something similar on the Mercedes Thanks Will
  4. S

    coomand satnav is quiet

    Hey people Used the command satnav today in my C220 and realised the satnav itself is quiet even though it turns the music down to tell me the direction I looked threw the setting but could not see anything obvious
  5. C

    Which are the Quiet and comfortable tyres for CLS 320 CDI

    Hello all, I have joined this club as I bought a 2007 CLS 320 CDI recently. Currently the car has some cheap tyres and also different tyre treads and I would like to change them. They are 245/40/18. The car has TPMS, but I don't want run flats. The car is freshly MOT'd and I am going to do...
  6. D

    Engine not as quiet as my C220

    Hi I have just brought a 10 plate C250 AMG Sport diesel, 5 spd auto, with 28k miles. Goes like hell, I love it and it returns 58 mpg. Astonishing. But the engine is quite loud in comparison to my 2006 C220CDI, even with 172K miles on it. The best way to describe it, is a roar, a...
  7. AbbieCadabra

    Tyres, quiet but reasonable wear, any recommendations?

    bit of assistance if possible please guys... 13,000 miles covered in our E350CDI cabrio & new rear tyres (255/35/R18/94Y) will be needed soon. only managed to get 9,500-11,200 miles out of the pirelli's on our old CLK, so quite pleased with 13k on the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT considering that...
  8. developer

    A Quiet Night In - Not!

    Tonight I'll be accompanying my son to a four band metal bash in Worcester :eek:. I will "enjoy": Fury Fortress Adamantium and Steeltrooper. I've been to a few of these before - only 5 hours of ear bleeding volumes, circling moshpits and black leather rocker/goth/metal/badge clad young...
  9. horgantrevor

    Quiet please grand prix final starting

    I hope Louis wins the race as for title I think Alonso has earned it more Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  10. G

    Phone is too quiet

    Good evening. As it says in the title, really. People I'm trying to talk to on the phone can only just hear me. Very annoying! Setup is '04 SLK (R171) with Audio 50 APS plus Viseeo MB-3 connecting to iPhone-4S. People on the other end of a call can hardly hear me despite turning up the mic...
  11. verytalldave

    A little quiet square somewhere in Belgium.......

    THIS...............is well worth a few minutes of your time........ :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: BRILLIANT......:bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: http://www.youtube.com/v/316AzLYfAzw%26autoplay%3d1%26rel%3d0
  12. D

    Quiet night tonight...

    Partner went off to deliver a birthday present to my niece, following my directions. I directed her to a point, that she should have recognised. For some reason, at this point she turned left instead of right. Right was a two mile journey to the next junction. She rang me 15 miles later...
  13. M

    Could you keep quiet about a £161 million lotto jackpot??

    ...or would the fleet of AMGs, one for every day of the week, give the game away??:dk:
  14. A

    Vito:the quiet before the storm

    Hi. I have noticed that on my 54 vito if i use the more expensive diesel the engine sounds less noisy. a few days ago i put in by mistake 2 litres of petrol .when i told the fuel station about it they said its such a small amount not worry about it.immediately after that i put 75 litres of...
  15. E

    Sbc super quiet

    Just had a part fitted to the SBC which quietens it down big time, and best of all FREE! goodwill from MB, also had a brake fluid change as a result of the new part...so well chuffed :D
  16. jeffwebb

    E55 too quiet!

    Hi. As some will know, I have recently become the proud owner of a 2001 E55. I would like the V8 to have a little bit more volume.(I know you guys know what I mean). I have been searching old threads and am getting more and more confused. What can I do, for a reasonable outlay, to make the...
  17. Seamster15

    Quiet forum today

    Is everybody asleep? Where have you all gone? I blame GFP :D
  18. DSLiverpool

    Aux Comand Input A Bit Quiet

    I have virtually stopped using my CD in the CLS55 and plug my Nokia into the Aux in the glovebox BUT its a bit quiet even on full phone volume and full harmon kardon volume. Could I boost the phone line out a little ? say a small inline amp or something The Nokia 5800 line out is via the...
  19. 3 phase

    Quiet tyres??

    This has probably been aired before, and I apologise if it has, but which are the quietest tyres??? Have Michelin 195/65 x 15 energy's at the moment and there's plenty left on them. I know there are many factors to take into account, price included of course and longevity, but when it comes to...
  20. Stratman

    Quiet tyres?

    The Michelin Energys on the front of my W203 C200cdi are in need of replacement soon and quietness is an important consideration. I am not a boy racer so super-sticky 'sports' tyres are not needed. They need to be quiet, devoid of nasty surprises in the wet and have decent longevity. Size wise...
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