1. L

    Quietest tyres for year 2000 C 200 petrol wagon elegance

    I've had the pleasure of owning 4 w202's through the years. The last wagon was a 2.5 diesel and I don't recall the cabin noise as bad as my current vehicle. It is far and away the worst of the lot - rolling road noise is horrendous. Fitted with both Goodyear 'Hydra grip' and a spare set of...
  2. splang

    What are the quietest tyres around please?

    Hi all, I have searched the forum and found only this thread: http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=8988&highlight=quiet+tryes It appears that the p6000's are very quiet - is this true?? I am after the quietest tyres available as I like an almost limo like level of noise if...
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