1. HB

    Other car forum quotes - quite funny

    1. Lamborghini Forum: “Wind noise at 350 km/h, who can help?” 2. Ferrari Forum: “From 16.000 rpm it is quite loud in the interior!” 3. Audi A8 Forum: “Where can I get my Rolex repaired?” 4. Volvo 850 Forum: “At 400.000 km first toothed belt torn, … case for warranty?” 5. Fiat...
  2. G

    Building quotes.... Advice please

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I note from some of the posts a number of you are in the building and development trade. I would greatly appreciate your input into sense checking the following. I am in the process of extending and refurbing my house, relatively big job and am using a well regarded...
  3. kam09

    Help on car insurance quotes

    Guys can you please recommend some reliable companies to get quotes from on a 61 plate e350cdi sport, I'm 28 with a clean license, 4 years no claims and license held for 9 years.. Would be very grateful for recommendations..
  4. abar121

    C63 B service quotes / Service plan

    Hi Chaps, The four year B service is due now. I've got identical quotes of £780 at several Mercedes dealers down south. Has anyone recently done any better? The service plan doesn't really save a great deal, at least without a discount code. Cheers.
  5. MOR8A

    Most irritating quotes from car adverts?

    Thought this might be an intersting topic for venting and laughs. So the first one that springs to mind for me is ''Drives excellent'' WTF is that meant to mean? All you are doing is pointing out you are a total retard, why would I even pick up the phone to you let alone come and see your...
  6. The _Don

    Extended warranty quotes from outside the uk.

    Hi all Has anyone here extended the warranty after the initial three years on their Mercedes Benz and obtained cheaper quotes from any mb dealers outside the UK? I know it's far cheaper to service our cars outside the UK and wonder if the same applies to an extended warranty. Would...
  7. Palfrem

    Get some quotes Aleksandr

    I'm thinking of changing my Landcruiser. Browsing cars, as you do, and come across a nice looking X5 35D Just put the Meerkats to work and end up with a range of £353 to £8378! How do they do that then?
  8. R

    E400 real MPG against dealer quotes.

    Hi all, anyone running a E400 Cab who can provide real mpg figures and owner feed back?
  9. verytalldave

    HUGE Variation of quotes

    My 24 year old son has just got himself a very nice new (to him) car. Therefore he went on some of the comparison websites to get insurance quotes. I could not believe the variation in quotes for exactly the same data. Lowest was about £960 :thumb: Highest was just over £8100 :eek: How on...
  10. S

    Sorry how much!

    I was thinking of getting some performance mods done when the eurocharged boys fly over the pond, and started to get some quotes via money supermarket and the likes. I currently pay £890 pounds for my insurance and none of my circumstances have changed.So I just clicked for a standard quote...
  11. BTB 500

    Replacement window quotes

    We have mid-80s single-glazed wooden windows which are in need of replacement at some point. Had the 'market leader' company offer to come and give us a quote for uPVC (leaded, wood grain finish) ... no pressure, would be valid for 2 years. OK we thought. Nice man turned up, measured...
  12. moff

    Insurance quotes C63

    So after ordering the C63 Coupe I decided to do some insurance quotes... pretty scary initially but after some research managed to find a very cheap quote with MORETH>N for £480 which includes an upgrade courtesy car and legal cover. Only downside is that it's got a £600 compulsory excess, but...
  13. BTB 500

    Online quotes for servicing and MOT on older cars

    Just seen this ... may be of interest: Shell Car Servicing Network You plug in your car's registration, and it comes back with a list of quotes from local dealers for minor service / major service / MOT. If you want you can then click a button to book. Says it's intended for vehicles 3...
  14. dowtherz

    CLK500 Sport cab quotes

    Just wondered if anyone can recommend a cheaper alternative to Direct Line who are cheapest so far at £460 which I still feel is expensive as I have max no claims and live in a low risk area. Tried the comparison sites but they are all around £550. Thanks in advance
  15. swannymere

    Weird Insurance Quotes

    Just getting my 1994 S124 E300d insured, went to the usual comparison websites and did my usual thing of using just my details and it came out at £457 fully comp. I then added my mother, and a couple who need a car when they visit from Australia and it knocked the quote back to £397; How does...
  16. The Boss

    Shocking insurance quotes!

    Morning peeps. today i got the 7 day complimentary cover sorted for the new car.. they offered a "complimentary" quote for 1 years insurance aswell BLOODY HELL. My quote from Privilege was over £4300 cheaper than their quote... is this the premium for guaranteed Mercedes approved repairs...
  17. pagzzy

    c63 insurance quotes

    hi guys i was wondering for those of you have a c63 amg where did you go for your car insurance ... im 27 and looking for insurance and my eyes are popping out from the qoutes i am getting thanks in advance
  18. Omega

    INSURANCE quotes ?

    For the past few years, I've shopped around for my insurance every year. When I bought this car, I was attracted to the Mercedes own Insurance cover - albeit at twice the price that I was about to go for. Only one question - is it worth the extra ? I'm in Cornwall,,,,,, don't get out of the...
  19. Barryh

    car insurance quotes

    Just got the renewal in for SLK.Elephant want an extra 50% from last year.Gone on line and looked at confused/Go compare etc.Followed up to phone quotes and all are even more expensive.It has gone from £450 to £668. Only difference is a claim for the malicious scratch which I claimed...
  20. verytalldave

    Classic Clarkson Quotes

    Many apologies if this a repost...................... Classic Clarkson Quotes... 'I'm sorry, but having a DB9 on the drive and not driving it is a bit like having Keira Knightley in your bed and sleeping on the couch.' '... the last time someone was as wrong as you, was when a politician...
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