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  1. D

    w211 estate r/h rear light

    Wanted as above please. 2005 avantgarde.
  2. J

    CLK, 220 Diesel, R/H REAR WHEEL SENSOR??

    Hi, new to this forum, so bear with me?? Intermitant fault code C1704, "speed sensor, cruise inop" popping up. UK vehicle, 2007, CLK, 220D. I've had the car fault diagnosed and the above code is identified, is it the speed sensor?? or a fault in the loom?? Any body else had similar problems...
  3. Palmer

    W210 no R/H sidelight

    Driving down the road and i get a lamp failure message on dash. No matter what bulb i crack in it still doesnt work. Checked the fuses under the bonnet and its all ok. New bulb holder from dealers?
  4. F

    R/h turn indicator w211

    The r/h door mirror turn indicator lights have stopped working with a fault prompt in the panel cluster along with the green turn arrow flashing quicker than normal. They also do'nt flash (r/h side) when locking & unlocking. For some weeks prior to this I would just get the panel warning, along...
  5. A

    W124 Coupe R/H Wing Mirror

    Some b*****d just knocked mine off.....did he stop.....no way. So I need a new one....can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks. A Sinclair
  6. Z

    ml r/h mirror indicator lens

    r/h indicator lens for 2002 ml,has a slight crack on back of it,but works ok and has no damage on lens part. 10 quid inc postage. [email protected]
  7. Z

    ML mirror lens for sale R/H

    R/H mirror lens for sale. heated.used but in faultless condition. 10 quid plus postage. email [email protected]
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