1. B

    Sl320 r129 engine cut out my P reg 320 cut out three times the is morning throwing up

    It cut out three times mange to restart it twice but the third it had to recovered on a lowloader Any suggestion Any suggestion Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. P

    R129 SL500 Air Flow Sensor

    My air flow sensor has proven to be faulty (starts and runs for a short journey, but then goes very lumpy). Bought a replacement from the USA (recon - £140), but it didn't work, making me suspect the emission settings for USA models are different from UK models. Opinions? Finally located...
  3. P

    R129 door position: flush, recessed or proud?

    Hi, By adjusting the position of the lock striker located on the door aperture near to the rear wing I can set how far the trailing edge of the door sits inside or outside of the the rear wing. But what is the correct position? Should the trailing edge of the door be recessed just inside of...
  4. Vintage Racer

    R129 Headlight Unit Change.....Help!

    Disclaimer: I am not technical. :confused: Changing the headlights on my R129 to LHD and have managed to almost remove the first unit....... I have undone all of the connections apart the the 'vacuum' connector, which appears to twist and release, but does not pull out (do I just need to...
  5. M

    R129 500sl Overheating in Traffic

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the club. I'm having an overheating problem with my car when in traffic the temperature goes up to 115. So far I replaced the water pump, radiator, thermostat, all three switches, viscous fan, belt, tensioner. I also done the test for CO2. There's no coolant...
  6. 056bob

    1992 R129 drivers window

    I lowered my driver window and it would not go back up I checked the fuse it was OK. I raised the centre consul,no loose wires, so I changed the connections over and the passenger window worked on the drivers switch and the passenger switch the drivers window did not work on either. I have...
  7. D

    Wtb: R129 sl

    I am looking for a good original R129 500SL, preferably under 100,000 miles and with a decent history. Must be in good unmolested shape. May consider a nice 300SL-24, or 320SL. Please PM me with details or email me at dc2100k@gmail.com. Thanks, James.
  8. M

    R129 Warning Triangle Wanted

    My R129 recent purchase came without one!
  9. I

    Where is the alarm module on 1998 SL500?

    Hi, I'm having problems with the alarm on my 1998 SL500 R129. Once it went off when I started the engine. Another time it peeps 5 or 6 times and goes silent, other times it goes off when I unlock the car and open a door, sometimes it goes off when I just unlock using the remote, sometime it...
  10. OneTwoNine

    SL R129 Grey Leather Door Card

    As title. Drivers side for a 1997 car. Kind of desperate for a replacement as mine is beyond repair. Must be in very good condition or mint. Cash waiting. Depending on distance, may require delivery via courier. Thanks
  11. E

    R129 hardtop stand x 2

    Forgot about these... I have two R129 hardtop stands but no R129, so they must go. One is an Inka stand just like the ones on Ebay (I can't seem to get a link uploaded I'm afraid) which I only used for about a month, then dismantled and put back in the box. The other one is almost...
  12. H

    Old R129

    It'is an older girl 1992, 125K on the clock - sometimes when I try to "give it some beans" it seems to have a problem getting into revs, it sounds as the fuel pump straggles with fuel delivery. Don't get me wrong when I drive, it goes pretty well but from time to time when I want to...
  13. BAZ-500SL

    How to bleed mercedes r129 500sl cooling system

    Ello guys a quick question how do I bleed the cooling system for air in my r129 500sl it's a 1990, TIA
  14. R129mine

    r129 sods law

    Last year the car spend quite a bit of time at the body shop to have 2x new front wheel arches put on, bonnet and various body panels resprayed and it looked very nice again Last week the alloys were refurbished and 4x new Michelin tyres were put on and all looked great (although antenna need...
  15. BAZ-500SL

    M119.960 r129 500sl thermostat

    Hello guys, after a good few years in storage and occasionally being started I have noticed the temperature gauge climbing 80+ towards 120, I have tried to stop the running radiator fan with cardboard but it keeps going, so I think it could be the thermostat, I will however drain and flush the...
  16. P

    R129 horn location?

    Hello, My car is A 1997 SL320, or R129 if you prefer. I believe the pair of horns are located in front of the front wheel arch liner. But I don't know if they are on the passenger or drivers side. Can anyone conform which side? Thanks Paul
  17. gramey

    R129 used parts prices

    I often have a little trawl through ebay having a look at R129 parts for sale as much out of curiosity as anything else. I've noticed that one particular parts seller specialising in R129 parts is more expensive than buying new parts from my main dealer, what's that all about? I'm not talking...
  18. gramey

    R129 SL front bumper mounting?

    Last night I reversed into a parking area and there was what I thought was a very shallow drop. Despite going very slowly it turned out to be enough to catch the trailing edge of my front bumper. It not only caused minor damage to the bumper but pulled out one of the push pin fixings. When I...
  19. T

    1995 R129 sl320 owner...French Road Trip...

    ...so during a 3 month stay in Provence last summer I purchased the aforementioned sl320...with a tight brief ( original Saco design, cream interior and low miles) I identified a 56k mile car which following much discussion I bought unseen in the flesh...collecting it on return to the UK...
  20. Y

    R129 Wiring Harness

    I am looking at purchasing a 1994 R129 SL320 which is right in with the production run that had the dreaded biodegradeable wiring. The car is a distance away and everything else appears to be in well documented order, however there is no evidence of the wiring being replaced. Attached are some...
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