1. OneForTheRoad

    r170 slk wind scarf .

    black cloth type came from a late 2003 200 slk . generally good condition , £ 30 posted .
  2. P

    Help Need SLK R170, Detailed post, sorry

    Hi People, I really need some help please, :o I have an early SLK R170, and have a starting issue, basically it won't start or even crank over. :confused: History: Drove the car out of our garage at home and parked on the drive for a couple of days, all was fine, (no issues before with...
  3. T

    slk R170 gearbox

    Hi All , my slk r170 200 kompressor has spat the dummy out with the gearbox , i can get a box and torque converter from a 230 running car , is it the same box ? i have changed the conductor plate , plug , the oil and filter . I didnt want to just change the torque converter in case my box has...
  4. M

    Mercedes SLK R170 Buyers Guide

    Hi All, Over the years I have written some buyers guides for the popular magazines. I thought they may help here. I hope these is no issue with that. If there is anything wrong, please dont hesitate to correct me. The final printed versions were heavily scaled down by the magazines. These...
  5. T

    SLK r170 wing

    Hi All ,can anyone tell me if the wing from a 1999 SLK will fit a 2002 facelift ? obviously the repeater hole will have to be welded up , thanks in advance .:confused:
  6. OneForTheRoad

    R170 wind deflector

    £40 plus PNP.
  7. N

    R170 cut out and no start

    Well picked up my new car yesterday and drove 30 odd mile before stopping at services for fuel. Did about another 30 mile and the engine cut out on the motorway. Managed to coast to the hard shoulder and engine was cranking but not starting. Got recovered the last 60 odd mile late last night and...
  8. N

    New R170 owner

    Well I will be in a couple of days time. Any things to look out for apart from rust? it's a 99 model. Thanks
  9. OneForTheRoad

    Late 2003 r170 slk 200. Auto.

    This is the wife's car black leather interior . only 54000 miles. 4 new tyres on staggered rims 16", news spark plugs and serviced .everything works as it should, selling due to house move and needing a 4x4 for her safe travel to work. Offers around £2700.
  10. Bobby Dazzler

    AMG Type III 7.5jx17 ET37 alloy wheels - ideal for winter tyres (W203, R170)

    I bought this set of four AMG Style III alloy wheels brand new, as an additional set for my W203 C32 AMG. They are the correct 7.5jx17 ET37 (un-staggered) fitment for winter tyres. Mercedes-Benz recommends this specific (un-staggered) fitment both at the front and rear for winter tyres, even...
  11. G

    R170 SLK23O - WARNING light

    I have just purchased a really nice SLK which has one single issue - that of the BAS ESP warning light illuminating quite randomly. Sometimes the car will start without error but other times the error shows immediately upon starting and before moving off or touching any controls. Other times it...
  12. rk100

    R170 slk

    Hello all ,my father has an R170 SLK and he is going to replace the cam shaft magnet at the front of the engine. From reviewing on the web it seems that when this is done the starter line (blocker) from it should also be changed to prevent oil going up into the ECU. I have called my local MB...
  13. abecketts

    Buying a R170

    Having said goodbye to our e320 estate and replaced it with a discovery (work and business vehicle) and having also sold her ladyships Audi convertible it's time for a Merc just for fun. Am looking at a 320slk beyond blocked drains, seals on the roof and a correctly closing roof mechanism what...
  14. G

    Wanted nice R170 SLK230

    I hope I've posted in the correct section. As above really. My budget is up to £5k for a post face-lift with less than 70k miles. Must NOT have rusty arches (is this possible ?) Must be auto and have fsh. Any colour except black considered. I'm fed up of looking at rusty cars and I don't like...
  15. gaz_l

    SLK230K R170 Vivanite

    Looks OK - Vivanite is a bit of a Marmite colour, I personally quite like it. The SLK looks in pretty reasonable nick and only 1 owner. I'd be surprised if there isn't some tin worm in the equation, but it seems like a lot of car for the money! 2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor - One...
  16. S

    R170 alarm and locking

    Yep, still working on it. Does anyone know how to switch off the alarm long enough to get the locking unit out of the boot to work on it? Mine has failed locked so every time I open a door or unplug the unit in the boot the alarm goes off. If it stays unplugged the alarm keeps repeating...
  17. M

    R170 interior

    In cream/ black combo. As per, the usual areas are scruffy on mine so wondering if anyone has parts?
  18. M

    Central locking on SLK R170

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced a case of the central locking unlocking all the car but then only locking the passenger door, leaving the drivers door and boot unlocked. I'm thinking weak vacuum pump or air leak?
  19. I

    R170 SLK 230 start problem - start error 493

    Hi everyone, I've taken the plunge and bought a 2000 SLK 230. It had a gear box problem, so I bought a replacement box and had it fitted. The car run really well for a day and now seems stuck in reverse. As such it won't start, I assume because the car thinks it's in gear. The display show a...
  20. S

    R170 230k

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a performance air filter that can fit onto a 2000 (X) 230K? I am thinking more of a cone type, nice looking one rather than a replacement flat element type. Thanks guys, Smokey Fontaine.
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