1. M

    SLK200 R171 remote locking

    SLK200 R171 (2006).I am a new member, and have a problem with locking the car from either remote fob. It will not lock/unlock. The remotes are OK (red light flashes on operating the buttons. The car will lock/unlock from the buttons on the dash. I have checked the fuses for anti theft alarm...
  2. iveco

    R171 slk rear window quarter

    Hi anybody tell me where to get and rough idea of cost of the rear window black Perspex corner panels they seem to be prone to flacking . Cheers Phil
  3. D

    Aircon blower fan for SLK R171

    Hi all. Does anyone have a recommended source for MB parts such as the aircon blower fan for an SLK? I've found two websites that appear to have the part except that I strongly suspect they are the same organisation and are not a UK source...
  4. F

    SLK 55 Amg R171

    Have been looking for the last 6 months but can't find one I've been happy with yet. Will consider any colour except black. Must have options Airscarf Parking sensors - wife will be driving it too.
  5. C

    R171 SLK 200 Mouse attack! Wiring diagram for Brake booster plug requested

    We've left the car parked for several months at my uncles warehouse... I wish I was joking but a bloody mouse has munched through the wiring to the brake booster's sender right at the multi plug.... ...And the furry little sod has nicked about 6 inches of loom So I've got several bare wires...
  6. L

    R171 radio antenna

    Having fitted new boot struts and generally tidied up the wife's recently bought low mileage SLK I have continued in my quest to make the car as good as it can possibly be. Next on the agenda was the poor radio reception for some of the less well known stations I like to listen to. I trawled...
  7. R

    My SLK (R171) Auto gearbox service

    Hi guys (and ladies) I haven't been online for a while but thought I had to tell you about a recent experience I've had with my car. I needed a few jobs doing on my car R171 (SLK 280) and as in normal for me went to a specialist MB servicing garage, Star Auto Services, these guys are fairly...
  8. G

    R171 Steering Wheel Buttons

    I'm going to get the steering wheel controls surrounds carbon dipped, along with a few other bits of interior ... So, I bought a spare buttons assembly, cleaned it (it was pretty good anyway), took it apart and ready: Not a single scratch on these, great. Now, as I was taking...
  9. Gollom

    R171 CD changer removal

    2004 MY. In the glovebox - anybody know where the fixing screws/points are? I want to change it for an MP3 capable CD changer we have bought
  10. K

    Service and Maintenance Manual for R171

    Can anyone recommend a manual for the above. Thanks
  11. steve333

    R171 slk wind deflector

    Used a handful of times,wife bought it direct from mb Germany but is trading her r171 for a 172 so surplus as won't fit new car,complete with carry case and for storage,go for between £250-300 on ebay,£225 plus £15 pap or free to collect,pm or reply if interested,thanks.
  12. W

    looking to buy an R171 SLK55

    well as far as first posts go I hope this is an acceptable one :dk:! As it says on in the title I'm looking to buy an SLK55 :bannana: There are some essential items and then after that quite a few 'would be nice' Essential airscarf (this is a deabreaker!) heated seats service...
  13. S

    R171 SLK Replacement Steering Wheel

    Got my 2009 R171 SLK 280 automatic in July and love it except for two things. Firstly the steering wheel is too big. Anyone know if this can be changed for a chunkier, smaller diameter wheel (without paddles)? Secondly my car has the cupholders which are not practical. Can they be removed and...
  14. C

    SLK R171 Front Bumper

    Hello all, need a front bumper for a 2004 SL350 sport, bumper needs to have holes for parking sensor and the Xenon washer. Colour not important as I'll be getting it resprayed. Thanks.
  15. B

    Mecedes SLK350 R171

    Hi club mates, I am being frustrated in trying to find genuine Mercedes moulded rear mud flaps for my SLK R171. Merc garage say they are not available, but I have found some on an American web site, only problem they show a photograph with them fitted and there is an absence of the plastic...
  16. Gollom

    "Whooshing" sound from fan - R171 SLK

    Getting a kind of whooshing/breathing sound when ventilation fan is on - disappears when fan turned off. No difference in volume when fan going faster. If any help, the aircon needs recharging as not very cold Any ideas for likely culprit? Thanks
  17. Gollom

    Fuel consumption - SLK R171

    Did a round trip of circa. 200 miles at 40mpg and we were not hanging around - not too shabby!
  18. Miglia 888

    SLK 350 (305hp) 2009 39,385miles with huge spec for sale

    For sale - our 39,385 miles, 2009, 305hp SLK 350 R171 Metallic Tansanite blue with natural tan nappa leather, 2 former keepers, and pretty much top spec: Option Codes - Equipment description GA - Automatic Transmission U22 - Adjustable Lumbar Support (4-way) 213 - Direct-steer system...
  19. Gollom

    Cleaning/detailing SLK R171 interior

    The surface on the glovebox/dash etc. seems to be some kind of textured material so if I use normal cloths it leaves "bits" behind. What do other people use?
  20. Gollom

    12V Power socket in SLK R171

    Eventually found this in passenger footwell (no cigarette lighter) and discovered that it does not work - due in no small part to not being connected and in bits! LOL So, anybody know the part number for a new socket please? Doubtless, MB charge an arm and a leg so is there an OEM part I...
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