1. BaldGuy

    Sl63 r231

    So I've had this just over 2 months now replacing a highly modified 911 Turbo, 20K miles and its been cherished... It simply does everything right for what I need, all options I want and goes well... I've cut the resonators out so it sounds like it should do without being too agressive... Toying...
  2. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so I hope I have put this request in the correct place. An LED has apparently failed in the right hand(offside) head lamp unit. (The eyebrow light) Has anyone had a similar failure and how did you handle it? I have been quoted over £1000 just for the...
  3. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    The right hand eyebrow LED has failed. Does anybody know is this an easy fix? The lighting unit seems impossible to access by the look of it without taking the the front off the car.
  4. P

    R231 - SL 350/400 - ownership experience.

    Hi all, its been a while and I haven't owned an MB since my GL was sold back in 2010! I am at the early stages of looking for a new car and want a roadster, preferably with metal hard top. In the running is a Z4, but have also started looking at the R231 SL - the SLK/C is a little too small...
  5. R

    An ask from across the pond. Finding the part # for Euro Spec R231/SL Sport Springs

    Team: I will pay the first person who correctly posts the Euro Spec Sport Spring part #s for the R231 (2013+ Sl550/Sl500)... currently there is no one in the states, and I've contacted dozens of people, who knows these part #s -- the front and the rear spring Mercedes part #s. I'm happy to...
  6. R

    Please help: R231 SL550 Sport Spring Part Number

    Team: I have read several hundred posts, and it's clear that no lowering option -- like 3rd party springs, for non ABC setups have satisfied the majority of owners. The *only* option that seems viable at this point is the European sport spring option. However, no one -- in the hundreds of...
  7. carnut

    Light switch r231

    I have a r231 sl400 2015 build bought this spring. Now it's dark evenings I have taken the car out and noticed that the light switch is not illuminated. It's a 5 position switch and none of the positions are illuminated ,just the knob . Is this normal? Also is anyone else having trouble...
  8. B

    SL63 R230 Vs SL63 R231

    Guys, Currently on the look out for a new car. My current car is an F10 M5, but I'm looking for a 2 seat convertible to enjoy for next year summer. I've been keeping an eye on the R230 and R231 SL63 prices, and it seems the newer model is dropping while the older one is holding it price quite...
  9. C240Sport97

    R231 sl 400

    After an eventful few months with the Morgan, I came to my senses .. I got rid of it and I bought a 15 month old, 1000 miles, almost fully loaded SL400 earlier this month. It is just lovely to be back in a Mercedes .. it’s like coming home. Options: Driving assistance package ...
  10. C240Sport97

    R231 SL music file formats

    I want to save songs on to a USB stick and play in my R231 SL (with Harmon Kardon). Any one know what file format the song has to be in? I will be using songs in my iTunes library. I looked in my fake leather manual folder, but there is only a CD based Digital Owners Manual which is useless as...
  11. L

    r231 SL500 For Sale

    Looking to sell my 2013 model SL500 Reg. 21Dec 2012 7500 miles from new and rarely used in as new condition totally unmarked Iridium Silver with red leather interior AMG Sport Pack HK Upgrade surround sound Digital Radio Bluetooth Keyless go Wind deflector Air Scarf Clear stone chip...
  12. V

    R231 Red

    Keeping my eye on the classifieds and I'm yet to find a red or blue one for sale. Sounding very much like Aston Martin reserved in colour choice. Any one spotted a none Grey/White/Black one?
  13. KillerHERTZ

    R231 SL Facelift Offical Shots

  14. acej

    R231 owners heading to trax freebie

    Any Sl r231owners heading to Trax? Free to some one who will use them. New k&n filters boxed. Let me know and I will bring them along.
  15. regbuser

    R231 sl63

    Hi all, I don't usually trouble the AMG section, but I thought I'd cast around for experiences/opinions with regards to practicalities of owning and running a R231 (13 plate) SL63 AMG, so please (acej?) fire away..
  16. acej

    R231 sl63mpg

  17. C240Sport97

    R231 SL350 24 hour test drive

    Thanks to MB Bishop’s Stortford, I had this for 24 hours over the weekend. It impressed me much more than I expected it to. Engine: The 3.5 liter V6 is smooth, almost turbine like, and quite quick (this is relative!) once it gets going. However, it is too quiet, and what...
  18. acej

    SL63 r231 project

    My SL has been undergoing a few enhancements so I thought I would provide an update. The car is an 18 month old SL62 R231 which I use for commuting (80 miles a day) and have done 6 track days in the last 12 months. I dyno'd my car just after I bought it on DD rolling road and it produced 574...
  19. J

    SL500 R231 - Great Disappointment

    I am sorry to say that I have really struggled with the SL500. I just haven't been able to bond with it. Not sure exactly why, I think it is a number of reasons. I struggle to enjoy driving with the roof down. Although it isn't too windy, it is very noisy, especially at speed. Also, in traffic...
  20. J

    Sl500 R231

    After a 4 month wait, I picked the car up on Saturday and I am very happy with it. I think it looks fabulous in silver. It has taken me longer than I thought to get used to all the features on the car. I had to resort to reading the manual in the end! Performance is effortless and it is...
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