1. tali

    You'll have to travel to a galaxy far far away to find another owned by R2-D2 & Darth

    So one owner was 3 ft 8 in and the other 6ft 6ins- could be a world record for biggest size difference between owners? -unless Clarkson and Hammond decide to own same car at some point :D Mercedes CL500 1996 Unique ownership | eBay
  2. R

    Fao r2d2

    you should get the goodies i sent at some point of today.... All in One cleaner/shampoo etc.... Wax and QD.... Enjoy
  3. C43AMG


    It's been a while since we have the pleasure of his wisdom (10/01/2012 ) :( which is unusual. Anyone know ?
  4. O

    Message for R2D2

    Hi R2D2, I've seen multiple old posts from yourself highly recommending "Steve the mechanic from Maidstone", If he is still working in the Maidstone area would you please send me his contact details, I could really use his help with some diagnostic troubles and my car is very near Maidstone at...
  5. T

    R2D2 Phone

    Have you still got this. Unwanted Christmas Present! I have bought the wrong phone for a present. I am therefore need to get another one quick and therefore this one needs to go! It is a BNIB Motorola F3 which is unlocked and I have tested it with an O2 card. The box comes with phone...
  6. robert.saunders

    Darth Vader stranded at the side of a motorway – in R2D2's Mercedes CL500

    Traffic cops were stunned to find Darth Vader stranded at the side of a motorway – in R2D2's car. Dave Prowse, who played the Dark Lord in the original Star Wars films, bought the Mercedes CL500 from Kenny Baker, who lives in Ashton, Preston, around six years ago. He was driving north on the...
  7. grober

    R2d2's Post War Savings Bank Advert

    I suggest you send this to Andy C Hornby ex CEO of HBOS to familiarise him with concept of " Saving money in a bank":rolleyes: :mad:
  8. U


    was look on here and wondering, i have not seen R2D2 on here for awhile? and looking on his profile it been nearly 3 months since the last post!!! And most/maybe all of his mod photos are gone too. Does anyone know whats happen????:confused:
  9. whitenemesis

    R2D2 - Some One's Nicked Your Car!!

    But they left some very nice headlamps :D
  10. Gucci

    Mod suggestion for R2D2

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW6Z8KI4w3I Very useful :crazy:
  11. Alfie

    When will R2D2 resume his modding?

    So when do we all think R2D2 will resume his modding? Amongst the most prolific modders here, my bet is within a couple of months something will change on the car.
  12. NW_Merc

    For R2D2

  13. nigel cross

    R2D2 lights

    I saw your update but cant reply, headlamps look great 1) How much do they cost? 2) Are they more efficeint than the original pre facelift types? :bannana:
  14. D

    ...one For R2d2 Perhaps!!!!!

  15. sym

    R2D2 wheels

    http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=9495 Nice Mirzams ..... or are they Mirzams ? ;) They suit the car well actually - I think they are normally for the CLK - right ? S.
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