1. A

    RAC wins Mobilio

    As above, no longer Mondial assistance running the aftercare programme, RAC have the contract. Allegedly same contract standards, so bear that in mind folks.

    WatchDog RAC Scam....

    BBC1 WatchDog now....RAC battery Scam....
  3. Pitts Pilot

    RAC Renewal Rip-off

    My RAC Breakdown Cover came up for renewal. The letter showed a price of £371. How much? I thought. So this morning I got on to the RAC website and filled out a quote. It came to £261. I hit the roof! I have just called up and blasted the RAC for trying to rip me off to the...
  4. V12

    RAC incompetence

    Just been out to change a flat for my Mum after the RAC man decided he couldn't. Apparently no steel wheel bolts and no jack in the car. I'm told he jacked the car up and tried to bolt the steel on with the alloy wheels bolts before he noticed they were wrong. I get there with a full size...
  5. Conquistador

    RAC garage kit for £30

    It has mixed reviews but looks good for £30 from Argoos. Buy RAC Garage Kit at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Car engine care, jump cables and compressors, Car equipment and accessories , Limited stock Sports and leisure.
  6. mercmanuk

    which is better rac or aa

    aa or rac
  7. C

    RAC Gold warranty

    I have just lifted the lid of the can of worms labelled " warranties " ! Specifically I was trying to establish whether RAC Gold would cover ABC and SBC pump failure on an R230 500SL. The policy document clearly refers to "pumps" being covered in both the braking and suspension sections...
  8. mirras

    W221 stranded at the roadside - RAC on way

    Well, after thinking my suspension worries were over when the SL500 went the S class has let me down. I'm sitting waiting on RAC with the car's a*se sitting 2 foot in the air and a malfunction showing on the dash. Rose up and started bouncing around. Parked up and it's rock hard, assume a ride...
  9. R

    Do the RAC do diagnostics ?

    Hi folks. Engine management light keeps coming on. Does anyone know if my RAC breakdown cover will diagnose the problem and possibly fix it ? Regards Steve
  10. S

    Rac could not fix it, any ideas?

    Car been in the garage for a month or so and the battery is dead flat, the problem is that it only just fits into the garage and the boot cannot be opened to access the battery> RAC man was stumped as will not go into N and so i cannot get the car out ????? Can anybody help please. Access is...
  11. R

    CLK W208 - flat battery - jump start? RAC member

    Hi, So having been sat for a while my car battery is dead. I am an RAC member, but I remember from reading threads a while back that you should be cautious when dealing with dead batteries - jump starts or starting from a jump pack could be damaging. The car is a W208 facelift CLK230 with...
  12. Timster

    RAC Car polisher - Free if you want it - Edinburgh

    Having a clear out of stuff I'll never use - rather someone can make use of it, than send it to landfill: if pic doesn't work try: Polisher2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Before it goes in the bin come and get it, PM me for address. Approx 8 miles south of Edinburgh. Cheers...
  13. 2

    rac warranty

    my car came with a 3 month rac warranty when i bought it . part of the warranty is a vehicle check . as the seller didnt have the facilities to do this check i have to take it to a garage authorised by the rac . i was surprised to find out that their authorised garage is halfords , i was...
  14. N

    Rac insurance rip-off

    Hi I put a private plate on my CLK 220 yesterday & informed my insurance company (RAC) of the change. For the privilage they charged me £25 admin fee + £61 fee for 'making the car more desireable' Anyone else heard of this 'more desireable fee'
  15. trando

    RAC Club celebrates 125 years of Mercedes Benz

    Just a quick note. The RAC Club are celebrating 125 years of MB at their country club in Woodcote Park Epsom on the 27th May with a black tie dinner. There will be an SLS there as well as other MB models. If there are any RAC Club members here who are planning on going (tickets sell very fast...
  16. G

    RAC warranties...

    hello, Iv been looking at cl500s and theres one with rac but would an rac warranty be suitable with the annoying abc valves on struts and the pump? Thanks Alex
  17. tpwuk

    Help needed guys before I call the RAC!!

    I just arrived at work, parked up and switched the engine off. When I came to remove the key it wouldn't come out!!?? I ended up using a little bit of force and out it popped. The car locks and unlocks okay and the steering lock enagages but when I try to insert the key it no longer inserts...
  18. Druk

    AA or RAC?

    Let me think. :doh: YouTube - Towing Problem AA accident
  19. Stratman

    RAC OBD2 reader

    My benevolent employer has given us £50 in vouchers :thumb: Argos is one of the shops that will redeem them and while browsing I found this. Has anyone any experience of it? Pointless toy or useful bit of kit? Car is a W203 C200cdi '04. Mrs. Stratman has an '09 Fiat Panda (brilliant...
  20. gaz6148

    RAC warranty

    just took out a 1yr warranty on my cl600 with RAC upto 5 claims a year, max £2000 per claim, every thing seems to be covered, and for the grand price of £108 been trying to find the catch in the small print but cannot find one:thumb:
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