1. A

    E63 brakes again - AP racing 400mm front kit

    Hi, Been thinking about my inevitable upcomming brake refresh on my '13 E63. I saw that a company has made up a kit for AP Racing 400mm 'fishhook' disks, caliper brackets, aluminium hats for the AP disks, Pads for £1100. I've got to say that it looks quite interesting - I've wondered why...
  2. J

    Hi from soon-to-be AMG owner

    Hi there, Been interested in getting a C63 for quite some time. Will now be picking up a 2012 C63 Estate in a couple of days time. Looking forward to experiencing that wonderful engine. My main road car has been a Mitsubishi Evo for the past ten years (don't judge me on that, I'm no...
  3. merc85

    North Weald 8th may RWYB Drag racing

    Anyone else going? I will be taking Brutus of course:D Would be good to see some other Merc's. Sunday 8th of May, Get there early to que as it gets Very busy outside the gate even at 7.30am, Maitland Racing - North Weald Test & Tune Calendar The only thing you need to race is £10 for...
  4. french

    Pro Racing tune up Box C32

    Have one of these Pro racing Tune up boxes if anyone is interested. I fitted after I had the smaller pulley, no real difference from the re map to this TBH. I had the 65mmm pulley fitted while looking for a garage to remap it. MPG was better with this than the remap, performance was 6 of one &...
  5. OneTwoNine

    19" Mania Racing Wheels

    These came of my SL in the summer once I'd had my silver arrow wheels refurbed and put fitted. This is a square setup so the specs are 8.5Jx19" ET35 all round. Condition - the wheels do require a refurb as all the lacquer has milked due to the age and there is some curb rashing. I've...
  6. flying haggis

    legal street racing

    Legal street racing
  7. french

    Pro racing OBDII Tuning Box

    Have one of these Tuning boxes if anyone is interested. I fitted after I had the smaller pulley, no real difference from the re map to this TBH. I had the 65mmm pulley fitted while looking for a garage to remap it. MPG was better with this than the remap, performance was 6 of one & half a...
  8. Growy16

    Racing brake upgrade for C63

    Have any of you guys got any experience of the racing brake upgrade up to BS size? The stock brembos are great but with the added power of the SC I am considering an upgrade. Not cheap at £3300.00 but the reviews on MB World...
  9. MissyD

    North Weald Drag Racing Sunday 5th June 2016

    All welcome at North Weald Drag Strip, Essex, CM16 6HR on Sunday 5th June 2016. Come along to race or just spectate. Always a great day out. A few of the guys on here are going and some from MBO.
  10. S

    Racing Brake 2 piece Rotor Upgrade for C63 - Gauging Interest.

    Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading the OEM 1 piece rotors to 2 piece rotors similar to the PPP version. But with weight saving and cost saving. Looking at the forums, Racing Brake comes highly recommended. I am looking a this set. Mercedes C63 AMG Brake Package...
  11. E

    Have Red Bull Racing paid anything for this year's engines yet?

    Large yellow French registered artic parked in layby opposite the Tilbrook factory yesterday for more than 4 hours. Renault Formula 1 decals on the lorry. Wonder if there is some "friction" still? Maybe waiting to collect last years old unwanted engines?
  12. J

    JSK Racing

    Sorry if this has been raised before! Anybody had any dealings with JSK Racing in China?, have been looking at their carbon fibre products,as they have a good range for the coupe. I have emailed them for prices, but not sure if they will supply for single items, I get the feeling they will...
  13. M

    Mercedes AMG GT crashes while drag racing - Video

    Mercedes AMG GT crashes while drag racing E6LDHpNk4eY
  14. OneTwoNine

    19" Staggered OZ Racing Giotto II PL

    As Title. Front - 8.5Jx19" ET46 Rear - 10Jx19" ET40 No tyres. Wheels are in good condition all round. Ideally the lips need a polish. I've made a start on them and they've so far come up quite well. A few marks on the front two wheel faces, nothing major and chipping around the nut holes. I...
  15. ringway

    Sir Peter O'Sullevan: 'Voice of Racing' dies aged 97.

    A sad day. His commentaries were a work of art. wwV4O5Z9hKI RIP Peter.
  16. L

    Mercedes benz E500 street racing :) watch

    Hi guys :) I'm new here so if i do something wrong dont ban me :D I have recorded video with my fathers car E500 W211 Street Illegal racing so here you go !!! P.S I'm new to editing also :D Like , subscribe there will be more videos like that soon :)...
  17. S

    W124 Yellow speed racing coilovers

    Hi, Has anyone used these coilovers on their W124 coupe or saloon ? I've seen a few people in America use them, here's a link. YELLOW SPEED RACING DYNAMIC PRO SPORT COILOVERS MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS W124 84-92 | Yellow Speed Racing Europe
  18. Giantvanman

    Racing Legends- Barry Sheene

    It is a repeat from December but for those interested, it is on tonight at 7pm on BBc2.
  19. N

    Any good racing tracks near North London?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you have any preferences or any specific recommendations about racing tracks near where I live (North London), as I am so anxious in doing a race track with my E63 SO that I could explore what the car really can do... I would love to hear your views...
  20. AMGGTS

    Red c63 wagen racing through preston town??

    Anyone off here???
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