1. I

    Extinguishing w126 Rad lamp bulb

    Hi, I recently fixed my leaking cooling system on an m103; all's well, but the blooming rad light bulb is still lit. How can I clear it? Cheers, Paul
  2. O

    Valieo Rad

    What are the chances of my car suffering from the a Valieo Radiator failure for the second time. E55k had a replacement TC, transmission and Rad in 2011, but they replaced it with what looks like a Valieo one..... Now possobly symptoms of failure again. Hopfully its somthing other than that.
  3. clk320x

    Rocker Cover Gasket + Valeo Rad

    My CLK W209 is a 2003 How can I check if my Vin is affected by the Valeo issue as I'd rather be same than sorry. I believe it's £300 for a new Behr radiator but how do I know peevish owners haven't changed it before? Any easy way to check? Come to think of it though even if it has the Valeo...
  4. brucemillar

    W124 header to rad connector leak?

    Friends Where the header tank hose mates to the radiator -a black plastic elbow! Mine is weeping. I think I can see a bit of grommet poking out of a joint on the elbow. Can anybody advise what needs replacing here please? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. I

    M103 Water Pump changed, rad light still on

    Hi All, Just spent a really amusing dozen hours changing the w/pump on my 300 sel - extra oil cooler, more fun there, and another £95 for the bent pipe. Filled the header with only about five litres to the top. The thing starts and the temp is a lovely rock steady 82. Not driven it yet, no...
  6. BAZ-500SL

    Why aint my twin rad fans working

    Hello guys, got a issue with the twin radiator fans not working, they are still standing still when the temp is at 100, the auxiliary fan connected to the belt is spinning but the twin fans are not working the car is a mercedes 500sl R129 1990, is there a relay can check I have checked all Fuses...
  7. M

    A45 amg rad pack needed

    Anyone have a radiator complete pack fora a45 cla45 gla45 amg
  8. merc85

    How to get a Rad or intercooler looking clean?

    Following on from my Project thread, whats the best way to get a radiator or intercooler looking new again? Ive de flied it but not sure how to clean it, this it below any ideas?:dk:
  9. C

    Losing water from the rad??

    Hi folks. This has got me stumped a wee bit. Fill the rad up and drive for a week, say anything from 40 to 150 miles, look in the bottle on the top of the rad and the water level has gone down, never had the rad empty though?. I cannot find a leak anywhere. All hoses, water pump etc are all...
  10. N

    Recognising a Valeo Rad in a CLK

    Hi All, I'm thinking of upgrading to an '02 or '03 CLK, and have seen one I'm possibly interested in bidding on, online. It's an '02 CLK 500, with just over 100k on the clock, and allegedly FSH. The current owner doesn't know of any radiator replacement in the past, and is unaware of the...
  11. merc85

    e320 cdi rad change

    Well that's the radiator changed on the s211, I feel much more confedent now, the old rad was indeed the old style valeo one. It's had done.79k the fluid didn't look contaminated with coolent to the eye anyway although it was burnt a little. Gearbox fluid n filter change monday;-)
  12. R

    Rad Issues on W209 CLK

    I have read there was a problem with engine coolant leaking into the transmission fluid on early examples of the W209 fitted with a Valeo rad. I am about to purchas a 2002 example and was wondering how to tell if it is likely to still have a Valeo rad fitted, and if it has is there still a risk...
  13. T

    c200 valeo rad upgrade mod etc

    hi . looks like we are going to px our car, as there is a good chance that there is glyco in the transmission have spoke to a few people about it this morning, honest garages out there ;} , due to my working hours too many kids going to school etc etc, wife going to work , i can`t payout to...
  14. Howard

    W203 galvanising and valeo rad

    Hi all Does anyone know the exact date that the w203 was galvanised from , reducing the rust risk ? Pretty certain it's 2004 , but when in 2004 ? Also , any ideas what year is safe valeo rad wise ( is the w203 affected ? ) Thanks H
  15. P

    mad question - cover rad in foil

    My car has had a new stat but still takes at least 15 mins to get warm. Since the mpg is so bad during this warming I was wondering if I could speed things up by covering half the rad in foil (like proper blokes used to do in the 1970s :p). Is this method now old hat, or just plain daft?:D cheers p
  16. Somebody

    Additional cooling circuit in rad (126 500)

    The radiator in the 500 v8 seems to have one extra cooling circuit at the bottom. Does anybody happen to know off the top of their head what its for? I assume its for the transmission fluid, but then again there are some strange designs out there, utilizing the secondary cooling loop in the...
  17. ricardo62

    have i got a valeo rad?

    im throwing this question out to my learned colleagues, it is do I have a valeo radiator ? my automobile under suspicion is a e320 1999 diesel v reg saloon ? if anyone can shed some light on this I would be most grateful
  18. J

    cheapest place in SE England for W209 valeo rad upgrade?

    Have just purchased a W209 clk55 and want to upgrade the rad to a newer behr for peace of mind. Can anyone recommend somewhere who will do it for a fair price in SE England (London, Essex, Kent, Herts) ? Also, if anyone knows where I can get one online cheap to take to the garage to save a...
  19. P

    95 w202 rad fan

    do the radiator cooling fans on the 1995 c180 w202's come on as soon as you start the engine,i always assumed like my old vauxhall it just came on to cool the engine from time to time ? or have i got a cooling fault.
  20. R

    Air con rad CLK230

    I have gassed the system after finding a hole in the pipe to the compressor just to check it but there appears to be a hissing sound :eek:( a leak ) from the condensor unit at the front. This is a CLK230 Kompressor2002 does anyone here know if it is an easy job or if any rad fits off anything...
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