1. V

    Radar needs cleaning

    Seems fine to me a MB gremlin? Says refer to manual there's no subject. :doh:
  2. RossBHP

    radar jammer

    Which is the best on the market to stop get caught by the law any thoughts or help welcome
  3. D

    This one slipped under the radar

    Nice lines ;) Found in one of the Club galleries here. .
  4. B

    CL63 AMG on the radar

    Having decided against a CL65 on grounds of age and price I'm now looking at the CL63 AMG Can't understand why I want one apart from feeling it's a thing of beauty and a joy to have. One reviewer felt it was in the top three cars in the world. Quite a compliment I sense ! So I am looking at a...
  5. M

    W221 short range radar

    I have a question if anyone knows if there is a possibility to purchase one of the radars that are mounted behind the bumper, I mean short-range radars, the price the dealer is not acceptance £460:doh: for one
  6. C

    Radar detector ?

    Any one know of possible radar detector fitted to W210's and W208's small amber light to the left of fuel gauge ?
  7. bigjim

    Distronic - Radar Cover on Grille

    Mine is chipped and although you can hardly notice it, I know its there!:wallbash: Can you replace it (just the plastic bit that protects the radar head from stones/flies etc.) or do I have to purchase a whole new grille? TIA Jim
  8. whitenemesis

    Mega Yacht Radar Domes

    Could any one explain why they need so many? Some had eight in various configurations.
  9. Satch

    Rainfall radar

    Trying to work out if I should leave office now or wait until the deluge abates. There does not seem to be much point though.... Will it Rain Today? | Rain radar for the UK | Going to rain? | Meteogroup Really useful!
  10. C

    Distronic airfield radar interference

    The Distronic on my 2009 AMG CL63 does not work when near Cambridge and Manchester airports. MB tell me that this is because the radar systems there override the rader system in the car. I cannot believe that MB did not anticipate this when they designed the system which is all about safety...
  11. Godot

    Latest Radar Survellience Result USA

    http://tinyurl.com/56djcc :crazy:
  12. mercmanuk

    origin b2 radar detector

    origin b2 detector with full car kit in origional box .inc software,used in second car so little used just upgraded to pogo drive unit 2 units for sale £60 each ono
  13. mykaitch

    Covert radar detector

    I posted here a few weeks ago about a project I was going to do. Its all done now and I havev posted lots of pictures and info on my website, if you want a look see. www.mikeh.info/radar/hwhack.html should get you there.
  14. BTB 500

    RADAR detectors illegal now?

    I though the legislation proposed some time back that would have made RADAR detectors illegal in the UK got dropped in the end. But reading Top Gear mag on the train this morning (page 41, "The Grid"): Really??
  15. P

    Radar Detector

    Hi There, What's the best radar detector for my W211? I do M4 motorway miles and want to protect myself. I have COMAND satnav, so would only need a detector. What's the best protection currently available? Thanks for your help! Paul
  16. J

    Radar detectors... Advice

    Hey all, I wish to purchase a radar detector and I've had 2 choices put forward to me at similar prices and I don't know how to decide... First of all is the Whistler 1740. It is offered at 75 quid and the price is not negotiable. The other one is Beltronics 936, at 57 quid there is room for...
  17. F

    Radar Detector Ban

    did anyone hear the outcome from the bill in parlement? It was a big story before it went through with virtually nothing after the event was supposed to take place.
  18. Pietre

    Banning Of Radar Detectors

    I have been pondering which detecgtor to buy, when the News broadcast to the world the other evening that the Gov't are going to make radar detectors illegal. How would I stand if I purchase one now when they are still legal to have fitted. Will I have to throw it away or take a chance on being...
  19. SEM

    New Radar Gun (Central TV)???

    Anyone in the Mids that seen Central News last night, would have heard the last article of a new Radar Gun Police will be testing that can be used 1 mile away. Cant find anything on this! anyone got info ?
  20. joe

    Radar and Camera Detectors

    Hi Everyone, I have looked thru the postings dedicated to this subject, and was wondering what the verdict was on the various models. I can purchase Origin blue 1 (detector gps) £199.99+vat (£234.98) Snooper radar detector sp815is £129.99+vat (£152.73) Which...
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