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  1. D

    Radio/CD interruptions?

    Hi Folks, I have recently acquired a 2005 W211 E320 CDI and there is an annoying problem with the radio/CD. When listening to the radio/CD etc the sound goes quiet as if it is losing power (the display stays on so it is powered) and the small telephone symbol on the display also goes off for...
  2. R

    Can you change your radio/CD player?

    Hi guys, A quick question if i may. So i have an 04 plate E220 which has a standard radio/CD player installed (picture ) Now, i saw on a newer 07 model (still W211), they have upgraded the radio/CD player and i was...
  3. J

    Wanted Audio 10 radio/CD head unit

    Want to change radio/tape to radio/cd in a 2001 CLK320 208. Looking for a working Audio 10 head unit with code hopefully (not sure how it will work otherwise)
  4. J

    Changing Radio/tape to Radio/CD on a w208

    I have standard radio/tape player and would like to change to radio/CD player in a 2001 CLK320 W208 I have the in-boot CD six disc changer and the Bose speaker upgrade system set up. There seem to be a fair number of potential units on Ebay or via breakers. What is the best way to go about...
  5. pugilist

    C320 CDI Sport W204 Radio/CD locked in CD mode.

    Hi all, Have owned a MB for a week. As mentioned above it is a C320 CDi Sport. Just learning the ropes with it and still finding my way around. So far very pleased with it. However today I could not select the radio, telephone etc on the system as it is locked in the CD player mode. Any help...
  6. S

    CLK radio/CD options

    thinking of getting a CLK- maybe an older 270 CDI say an 03 plate but i have noticed that a lot of them come with only the radio/ cassette player and not the CD. so my query is whats my options- go to halfords and buy an off the shelf unit for a couple hundred quid?- if that much. If so is...
  7. whitenemesis

    For Sale - Audio 20 Radio/CD player

    For sale - Audio 20 radio/cd player. Taken from a S203 2005 Part # A2038700589 (see attached for full list of compatible VINs) £150 + pp(£15 recorded delivery) or collect from Swindon area.
  8. DCStubbs

    Radio/CD for 2001 CLK

    I am looking for a radio/cd for the CLK I have just bought.:):) I want one that works with the steering controls and was thinking that as I don't want to necessarily shell out big bucks I would start with the standard MB fit one from say Ebay. Single DIN audio 10 looks the right one, but I like...
  9. philiggy

    Radio/CD player wanted

    My Blaupunkt CD radio head unit has packed up, has any one got one they would like to sell. I dont want to buy a new one as its for my 99 e class that does about 50 miles a month if its lucky Phil
  10. M

    WANTED: 2000 W208 CLK Audio 10 Radio/CD stereo

    I have an Audio 10 Radio/Cassette [with code] in the CLK that I have just purchased and would like to swop it out for an Audio 10 Radio/CD player. I have no CD changer in the boot and am not too keen on the Ebay prices of them. If anyone has one that is a direct swop and compatible with the...
  11. H


    hi guys, In my 1993 s280 there is a radio cassette but no cd player. would the wiring for the cd be already in the car or would i have to install from scratch? Many thanks again for all of your support.
  12. A

    upgrade radio/cd unit with satnav w203

    Hi guys,I just bought a 02 C220CDI which has a radio/cd unit with steering wheel controls so I've replaced the radio (Becker) to satnav from another 2002 c-class now the steering wheel controls dosn't work and the radio switch it self off every 15-20 min .The thing is one of the 3 plugs on the...
  13. Chrishazle

    W203 R/Casette Upgrade To Radio/CD

    A month ago we bought our first ever MB, a June 2001 W203 C270CDI Elegance Auto estate. This forum has already correctly identified the MAF problem that was limiting us to 2900RPM (thanks to those who posted re that problem for someone else!), has shown me the VIN decoder at the MB Club Russia...
  14. M

    Radio/CD Changer/ phone cradle

    My E220CDI Estate, purchased Dec 2008, is about to go in for the third time to try to cure the intermittent failure of the boot up of the system. Sometimes the radio takes 30 sec to give sound, sometimes the CDC will not connect and sometimes the phone does not come on ( I keep a Nokia 6100...
  15. D

    Audio 10 Radio/CD Player Required

    Anyone selling or know of one ? Better still, I am loking for a CD Player that will fit snugly into the opening. Anid if it were Bluetooth then I'm sorted as I wouldn't need to purchase a hands free kit either. This is for a 2001 E220 CDi Avantgarde. Thanks in advance.
  16. D

    PROBLEM with radio/cd player

    hi folks my unit seems to have frozen and doesnt turn off there is no sound just the lights are on ... anyone know how to sort this problem?
  17. A

    For Sale - Medion MD-9050 Radio/CD

    Pretty high spec radio from Medion, with 4x70 watt output and additional phono outs for connecting to rear power amps. Individual bass, treble, balance and fader controls. Switchable RDS, TA, Regional Program Mode (local and distant regions), PTY (programme type by music genre) 3 FM bands...
  18. marc777

    Help to turn off "TP" on the radio/CD

    When the car came back from the dealership TP was selected on the radio/CD and I cannot turn it off. Now the radio keeps trying to tune itself, and so cuts in and out whilst searching, and I get the traffic reports from local stations. I don't have the manual handy for the radio - can...
  19. pammy

    Audio 10 radio/cd for sale

    Taken out of my SLK - complete with code!!!:D Only four months old when taken out a couple of months ago. Is over £400 new:eek: from the dealer - open to sensible offers. Perfect working order - replaced with DAB/MP3 unit.
  20. B

    radio/cd fault

    Anyone help:confused: I have a Blaupunkt St Louis dj fitted to my W202 radio &speakers work fine but on CD only right speakers work.Have fiddled with the controls but still cant get any sound from the left side.I should add that i havent got the instruction book either or over technical myself...
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