1. P

    Changing audio 10 radios

    I have the standard Mercedes audio 10 radio with cassette player and multi disc CD cartridge fitted. Some of the buttons don't appear to work, the mute button and the next track CD button. If I were to replace the current unit with one that has a single slot CD player would the multi disc...
  2. W

    Android compatible radios

    I'm looking for a new radio to replace the audio 10 in my s210. Thinking of an android compatible radio that can connect to my android phone by usb or bluetooth. Has anybody any experience (recommend or avoid) with these?
  3. The _Don

    Ph blog: Crazy radios

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH blog: crazy radios
  4. jonnyboy

    radios and cd autochangers

    Guys, I have a large quantity of radios and cd changers here that I'd like ot move on. They came to me with the promise of all being working but of course I will bench test each one prior to despatch. So if you are moving a car on, need some cheap tunes, need spares, or want music in your...
  5. Spinal

    2-Way Radios EU vs USA...

    For the rally, I need some 2-way radios... (cb was a major failure last year) The problem is, co-ordinating 50 people, buying 50-radios and having them all working together... The best I saw last year were American radios on the GMRS band... which I've now read a bit about... I've read a...
  6. komarme

    New Benz radios

    Hello I would like to introduce my self as I am new to the forum. I am Konrad and I have a 97 C Class. My question is does anyone know what brand of radio is being installed in the new Mercedes Benz range. In other words have they stopped using Blaupunkt. My radio was stolen and I was infomed...
  7. J

    DAB Radios and Reception

    I'm toying with the idea of upgrading my Pioneer AVIC-X1 with a DAB tuner - is DAB any good in cars at the moment - it there sufficient coverage. I listen to 5-Live most of the time and a gain in clarity over the AM signal would be great! Thanks
  8. scotth_uk

    Walkie Talkies / Two Way Radios

    Hi all, Ben and I need some walkie talkies for the Nurbugring trip - can anyone comment on the quality/features of any of the models easily available: Oregon Scientific, Motorola, Binatone, BT, etc? Would appreciate some buying advice.
  9. Benzowner

    Computerised car radios???

    Anyone know of a hard drive car radio other than the Pioneer DEH-90HDD, bit too pricy. At home, when on the puter, I listen to Real Jukebox on random play with in and out fade, and I would like to get something similar in the car. Any other suggestions would be fine.
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